Bullet Blues Trend Update: Faux Fur Coat

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Bullet Blues Trend Update: Faux Fur Coat

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With this winter vortex rolling through all across America, our #1 priority at Bullet Blues right now is to stay warm – but fashionable, too! This white-hot faux fur coat trend allows us to do just that, while emulating the looks of our favorite trendy celebs, from Rihanna to the Olsen Twins to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The perfect faux fur coat looks luxurious and fabulous, and adds a bit of bad-girl edge to even the sweetest outfits. They add a lot of look to any outfit, elevating even the simplest tshirt and jeans to something blog worthy. This trend is perfect for the Bullet Blues girl on the go, or any girl who wants to inject a little vintage glam into her wardrobe.



Jeans from Bullet Blues, faux fur coat, hat, sweater, clutch, brogues

A simple slouchy sweater and Bullet Blues Le Copain Reverie boyfriend jeans get a major update when paired with a blush faux fur coat, a graphic envelope clutch, and polished Marsala-colored accessories. The warmth of the blush coat elevates the cool, vintage-y tones of the boyfriend jeans, while the colors of the clutch tie the two colors together harmoniously.

The uber-trendy, slouchy silhouette of the Le Copain Reverie jeans serves as a counterpoint to the structure of the hat, shoes, and clutch, while the neutral color of the sweater grounds the outfit. The end result is a perfect fashion-editor-on-her-day-off look that’s equal parts sweet and gamine,  sophisticated and playful.



Lipstick, tights, booties, faux fur coat, necklace, beanie, dress from Bullet Blues

For an effortless model-off-duty look, pair Bullet Blues’ Cecile Long Sleeve Dress in Noir with a cropped, shaggy faux fur that exudes glamour and style. To tone down the dressiness of the fur, add casual accessories like a statement beanie and a simple gold chain. A pair of thick, fluffy tights will keep you warm in chilly temps, while hiking booties add more elements of gold and white to the outfit that tie back into the necklace and faux fur coat.

A final swipe of bold, barbie pink lipstick adds color to this look, which keeps the vibe youthful and playful.


bullet blues fur punk

Scarf, lipstick, tshirt, backpack, earrings, faux fur coat, creepers, jeans from Bullet Blues

If you want to look like a total rock star when you’re running out for your Saturday morning latte, look no further than a long, leopard print faux fur coat, a gray statement t-shirt and Bullet Blues’ Chic Parisien skinny jeans.

This iconic rocker look becomes white-hot when pair with other rising trends, like leather backpacks, earring jackets, and studded creepers. Add a swipe of red lipstick and a eye-catching red scarf, and don’t be surprised when someone asks for your autograph!

What do you think? Do you have a faux fur coat? How would you style your faux fur coat with your Bullet Blues jeans? Would you wear any of these looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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