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Happy New Year from Bullet Blues!

The end of 2013 is drawing near and we at Bullet Blues thought we’d like to recap for you our wonderful year. Much of our success is owed to our fantastic fans who wrote great reviews for us and the excellent press we received throughout the year.

We hope to continue pleasing our fans and customers through 2014 and beyond. You are who make Bullet Blues a success and we are very thankful to you for all your support and purchases, and for helping us grow in the New Year.

As you know, we manufacture all our products in the United States, at our factory in Los Angeles, California.  Finding US made fabric, rivets, buttons, etc. was challenging until we found just the right sources. Finding a US-based manufacturer also took time, but we did, and we are very pleased with their work.   Have a listen to the podcast interview where I talk about the challenges involved in creating Made in USA products: Podcast Interview on Made in USA

In another podcast interview on Neal Asbury’s Made in America show, I talked about being an American-made manufacturing business and how it can be done. I hope you enjoy it!

My most recent interview was with on their American Made Movement podcast, speaking about what it takes to manufacture in the United States, sharing insights and tips, and my story of how Bullet Blues came to be. Enjoy!

In June, Bullet Blues was featured in Apple Pie with a great photo and story. Thank you Apple Pie!

Also in June of this year, we were a part of Josh Miller’s Made in USA Journey featured on ABC News and Yahoo.  He made a terrific Mention of Bullet Blues as a Favorite in his interview with American Made Guide to Life. We enjoyed a lovely time with him on Day 20 of his Made in the USA, the 30-day Journey & Film.  Thank you, Josh!

Denimology was outstanding to us with their feature story on Bullet Blues as a “New Brand to Watch”, introducing us to legions of blue jeans wearers. We are so appreciative of their photos of our jeans, tops, and dresses in their article, and for showing us off in their magazine. Thank you so much, Denimology!

Denimology also wrote a terrific review of our Bullet Blues jeans, with Lisette loving the fit and feel of our heavier-weight denim Bootcut jeans. She also gave a nod to our excellent quality and design with just the right amount of Spandex (1%) for a great fit and no bagging.  Jen of Denimology also gave us a wonderful review of Bullet Blues BB Babe Jean in Nuit, and we appreciate the mention of our high-quality dresses, tops, and belts. Thank you, Lisette and Jen!

Cowboys and Indians did a lovely mention of us in their magazine. Yes! We “import” our denim from North Carolina, and our rivets and buttons are custom made in Kentucky!  And yes, we were founded by a French woman to make real American jeans. Love it!  We appreciate their listing Bullet Blues in their Holiday Guide too!

ABC News listed us again this year in their Made in America 2013 Gift Ideas. We are so pleased to see so many other businesses with Made in America products! We are in excellent company!

Not to be overlooked, the delightful Cassidy magazine also featured Bullet Blues in their 2013 Holiday Guide. Thank you, Cassidy!

As the founder and “face” of Bullet Blues, Made in America jeans, I have been honored to be interviewed by so many excellent sites. Haute Americana was a fun peek at my favorite things, my inspirations, and how Bullet Blues came to be. Modestics was also a very nice interview allowing the reader a look behind-the-scenes at Bullet Blues.

I was very pleased also to be featured in RosieMade as a real-life inspirational Rosie. I love the photo they used of my son and me at Normandy, and this quote, “One reason that the company succeeds is Isabelle’s commitment to making the apparel in America, using American-made materials. She also brings a European flair to everything she designs–and the standards she has for her line are extremely high. All of this adds up to premium apparel that also supports our country’s economy.”  

Bullet Blues had a great write-up in Fiber2Fashion as well, highlighting the “why” of our company and the inspiration that helped to start it.

Another great article of Bullet Blues was written in People of Shambhala. Please check their fantastic magazine.

We love the photos of our Skinny Jeans featured in The Beautiful Things, especially the closeup of our Bullet Blues rivet!  The Beautiful Things also featured our Bullet Blues Skinny Jeans in a photo shoot layout shot in New York City. You look great Vittoria!

A big Thank You to Denim Hunt for the beautiful slideshow of photos of our Spring 2013 designs! They gave us a lovely write-up as well.

Bullet Blues is very proud to be featured many times in Nationalist Magazine for our Bullet Blues Babe Jeans. Nationalist Magazine is a wonderful showcase for American-made products and we are pleased to be in their pages.  Wearables Magazine also featured us in their Fall Fashion Style Issue in an article written by Michael McKeldon Woody, author of American Dragon. Thank you, Wearables and Mr. Woody!

One of our favorite magazines, Our USA Magazine regularly showcases our Bullet Blues jeans and presents stories about America and American-made products. We are honored to be a part of it!

One of our favorite fans, Mrs. American Made, shows off our Bullet Blues jeans with her own sense of savvy style! A “regular’ Mom in Colorado, she epitomizes our American audience and we love how she wears our jeans! Here she is wearing our Springtime Gray Skinny Jeans and even wore this outfit to dinner at the Governor’s mansion. “All-Occasion” Jeans! We love it!  Mrs. American Made also wrote a wonderful review of Bullet Blues too. Thank you, Mrs. American Made!

Amy at The American Made Guide to Life Blog has been wonderful to us at Bullet Blues with her great posts and photos of our Fox jeans! We adore her as much as she adores our jeans! She also has a great list on her website for more on the Made in America movement and related sites. The American Made Guide to Life blog is “dedicated to quality items Made in the USA” Thank you, Amy!

Another favorite blog, Buy American Challenge, has featured Bullet Blues in a fantastic article, calling us “The Next Great Brand of American Designer Jeans”.  Randy tells us his first-hand experience in wearing our jeans, how pleased he is with the fit and style, and that they are “quite simply the best pair of jeans I have ever owned.”  We are honored to receive such high praise! Thank you, Randy!

Bullet Blues – Moroccan style! My great friend and blogger, Bouchra, shows off her wonderful fashion style building upon our “little black dress” Cecile! She looks amazing! Thank you, Bouchra!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how proud we are to be associated with our very own Bullet Blues gal, Country Singer Sheila Marshall Such a talented singer of the quintessential American music!  She rocks a tune like she rocks our BB Babe Boot-cut jeans!

There are so many more articles and reviews, too many to mention individually, so please have a look and enjoy our Featured News and Reviews sections on our Website.

Most importantly, we at Bullet Blues want to sincerely thank the Made in America/Made in USA movements across our beloved United States!  These organizations help promote Buy American Products, and our American-made jeans Company has benefited from their efforts.  We thank and applaud the following organizations for their steadfast efforts to help American jobs, products, and companies that manufacture at home.

Please be sure to check out these websites to find products produced in the United States, and whose companies keep jobs here in America.  We are grateful to these website organizations for their research and for maintaining lists of Made in America products so consumers can find them easily.

On a personal note, I want to thank our most amazing Bullet Blues team, our stunning and beautiful models, our hardworking and fabulous photographers, everyone behind the scenes, and very special thanks to my Graphic Designer, Dorothy Fajkis, who is a dear friend and who has helped me from Day 1. I couldn’t have done it without you all, thank you so much!

We couldn’t close without a shoutout to my native France, and the publication in Charente Libre, our favorite French newspaper that first featured Bullet Blues in a 2012 article, Charente Libre: Isabelle, a dream in America. We thank them for their gracious support!

Thank you all most sincerely for all your support, wonderful reviews and photos, and for being our valued customer in 2013 and beyond! We at Bullet Blues are excited to show you what we have in store for you in the New Year of 2014! It will be just as fabulous and Made in America!

The entire Bullet Blues team wishes you all a fantastic New Year, with good health, prosperity and much happiness! 

– Isabelle Benoit

Isabelle Benoit, founder of Bullet Blues Jeans, Made in USA, Made in America

Isabelle Benoit, Founder of Bullet Blues Jeans

Bullet Blues Jeans


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