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Valentin Boissier Descombes

I am a French musician in Paris, France. I released my first solo album, "Origins", in March 2019 with the surname VhatoR, and play the guitar in a cover band called Joke Box for a year now.

Other pretty cool collaborations are on a good way, and my dream is to live and make a career in the U.S, a place I've always love and where I take all my inspiration thanks to bands like Toto, Dream Theater, or musicians like Joe Satriani, Blake Shelton...

"I love wearing my Bullet Blues “Upown” tapered-jeans paired with my “Modern Country” button-up shirt, it feels really comfortable and looks great in every live situation".

Bullet Blues welcomes the beautiful health and fitness life coach/media personality Traci Lynn Cowan. She is a national figure competitor, Health & Fitness Expert, a Life Success Coach, a Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Coach, a Talk Radio Show Host, Celebrity Red Carpet Interviewer, Producer and TV Host.

She has a passion for people and says: "My life is dedicated to helping others, health & wellness goals, life coaching, fitness training, body sculpting, nutrition planning and social networking. I focus on overall fitness coach programs for clients and also am part of red carpet hosting events throughout the country."

Traci Lynn is looking stunning in her beautiful Bullet Blues Cecile dress at The Artemis Film Festival.

Traci Lynn Cowan

I am "energetic, friendly, very helpful and live in the moment." I'm living in a small rural seaside town, on the South African West Coast (near Cape Town) and loves the sea with a passion.

My other passions are fashion, singing and dancing. I believe my greatest inspiration in fashion is the model and actress Charlize Theron. The singer and songwriter Nicki Minaj is another one of my favorite celebrities.

I’m wearing Bullet Blues Miami Chic jeans with the very beautiful Jocelyn chiffon top. It is a perfect outfit for showing off and I love it!

Although Randi Ann didn't come from a ranch family or a rodeo family, she knew what she wanted and learned at a young age that if you want something bad enough anything is possible with a little hard work and determination.

She worked hard and bought her own horse at age 18 and hasn't looked back. Rodeo and her horses are her life and while she is on the road she makes sure she is packing her favorite Bullet Blues jeans!

"It's hard to find jeans that fit right while in the saddle, and look good at the same time.
Bullet Blues is just that. Haven't found a better fit."

"When riding in the arena I always get asked what jeans I'm wearing. I proudly tell them Bullet Blues!"

Randi Ann Rima