100-percent American denim is priority for Bullet Blues' designer jeans

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100-percent American denim is priority for Bullet Blues’ designer jeans

100% American denim - Bullet Blues designer jeans

Bullet Blues continues its ‘Buy American’ commitment by using 100-percent American denim. Give your guy an American-made Valentine’s Day gift like these BB comfort plus, relaxed fit, straight-leg black jeans.

100-percent American denim

Bullet Blues uses 100-percent American denim to create our designer jeans. If this ever changes, however, we promise to share this switch honestly. You will be the first to know.

For today, we continue to use 100-percent American denim made at North Carolina’s White Oak Cone Mills’ selvedge factory.

Because of the 2017 Cone Mills’ factory closing after 112 years in business, we know some customers have concerns about the denim we use in 2019.

In fact, our company is currently one of the few to have a large quantity of Cone Mills’ denim in stock.

Buying a pair of Bullet Blues’ jeans, then, means our customers buy a piece of American textile history, thanks to some savvy planning on our part.

In addition, we always have maintained a stock of jeans, large enough to accommodate future sales and our regular customers. So, at the end of 2017, when we found out about the sad news,  the Cone Mill’s factory closing their doors, we already had enough jeans in stock for 2018 and most of 2019. We are planning to keep producing our designer jeans in the USA using only quality American denim fabrics, probably from Texas this time. We will keep you posted when we are ready to go into production this year.

Despite our sadness at the Cone Mills’ loss, please be assured that we remain committed to our American-denim products. Read our blog post published regarding the factory closing, “American made: Why should I buy American-made jeans?”

100-percent American denim - Bullet Blues "Fox" skinny jeans

With Spring around the corner, take a look at our lighter denims, like Bullet Blues’ Fox Ciel sky-blue skinnies,100-percent made in America. Give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift that will last.


100-percent American denim - Bullet Blues "Cowboy - Azurin" light bootcut jeans for men

Let’s not forget the men…This light wash boot cut jean is also perfect for spring.

Why did we make such a big investment?

The White Oak Cones Mills’ selvedge denim factory manufactured some of the best denim worldwide. Cone Mills created denim on traditional fly-shuttle looms and refuses to fray. This makes Cone Mills’ American denim longer lasting and of a higher quality than denim made outside the United States.

The factory’s denim is on par with the quality Bullet Blues provides its customers. In addition, we remain committed to supporting American-made products and American workers wherever possible. American denim is a part of this commitment.

Bullet Blues isn’t the only company committed to American-made products. Take a look at this 2019 Stars and Stripes’ article, “New enlistees to receive free, American-made athletic shoes.” More than 250,000 servicemen and women from the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force are set to receive new, American-made sneakers this year.

Therefore, rest assured, Bullet Blues continues to use American denim.

100-percent American denim - Bullet Blues "Fox" light wash and indigo skinny jeans

Your dollars make a difference. Buy American-made products to prevent other American institutions, like Cone Mills, shutting down.

Do my dollars make a difference?


Many Americans, especially when a factory like Cone Mills shuts down, think, ‘Maybe my dollars won’t make a difference?’

Certainly, it’s a fact that many American textile workers have lost jobs since the 1990s. It’s also true, however, that approximately 42,000 textile workers in North Carolina alone, still rely on American consumers.

Again and again, the reasons for buying American far outweigh the reasons against. Why buy inferior products with short lifespans? Instead, support American workers and enjoy high-quality, longer-lasting products. It’s common sense, right?

Drop the consumer guilt and buy American-made products like Bullet Blues’ designer jeans, using 100-percent American denim, and other apparel.

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