American-made clothing helps the economy/environment/pocketbook

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American-made clothing helps the economy, environment and your budget

American-made clothing helps the economy

Bullet Blues explains how buying American-made clothing helps the economy, environment and your pocketbook. Take a look at what we’ve learned.

In the previous two blog posts, we established the value of buying American-made clothing like Bullet Blues. Now, we are looking at how buying American-made clothing helps the economy, environment and your pocketbook. Take a look at our first two posts in this series: “American-made: Why should I buy American-made jeans?” and “Does buying American-made clothing matter: The truth.”

Buying American-made clothing helps the economy, environment and your pocketbook

  1. American-made clothing helps the economy by supporting American families. More than 42,000 textile workers, in North Carolina alone, still rely on responsible consumers to keep their bills paid. Read more in the 2017 article, “Made in America: Dead or Alive?” published on the

According to 2014-2016 statistics from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, jobs for textile workers actually increased in North Carolina during this time.

  1. American-made means higher-quality clothing. For example, up until Dec. 31, 2017, the maker of some of the finest selvedge denim in the world was located in Greensboro, N.C. at the Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim plant. Today, however, the plant is closed. We cannot allow this to happen to other American manufacturers. Nevertheless, other clothing brands, like Bullet Blues and Brooks Brothers, continue to produce lasting clothing.
American-made clothing helps the economy

When you buy American-made clothing, like this summer dress at Bullet Blues, you help your pocketbook, the economy and the environment.

This higher-quality means savings to the consumer. According to a 2016 Ipsos/Reuters “Buy America” survey, more than 70 percent of American consumers believe in buying American-made products. Because of higher retail prices, however, consumers tend to purchase foreign-made clothing to save a few dollars.

This cheaper clothing doesn’t have the lasting ability of most American-made products and requires more frequent replacements. So, buy the $50 China-made jeans now, but replace them annually. This means spending $250 over five years. On the contrary, buy an American-made pair of jeans at Bullet Blues for around $160 and wear them for five years, minimum. Still, over a period of five years, you are saving money by buying American.

Buying American-made clothing lightens a landfill

  1. American-made clothing is more sustainable and eco-friendly. This is just common sense. Regardless, buy quality products and you won’t fill the landfills with multiple purchases of cheaper, foreign-made clothing.

According to a 2014 article, “Where does discarded clothing go,” published in The Atlantic, Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills annually. Stop the impulse buys! Look for quality and be mindful of where you put your hard-earned money. Put fewer, higher-quality items into your closet annually and spare Mother Earth all the cheap, knock-off designer duds in the landfill.

American-made clothing helps the economy - Bullet Blues' blog

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