The American-Made Cummertaile and Bullet Blues Jeans

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Fashion In Focus: The American-Made Cummertaile and Bullet Blues Jeans

Meet Inge De Windt, Founder of Texas Accessories Brand Christine Huwart 

When in comes to discovering exclusive pieces like the American-made cummertaile, here at Bullet Blues we know a thing or two about what our style-conscious customers like to see. From locally-sourced designer denim to all-American accessories and outfit accents, we love to celebrate the thriving Made in America movement, along with its most up and coming innovators. 

Speaking of stylish, America has recently seen a brand new product on its accessory market, and this is unlike any other piece in your wardrobe, ladies. Bullet Blues is proud to introduce the American-made cummertaile by Texas-based brand, Christine Huwart

What is a Cummertaile?

Custom-made from a luxurious collection of fabrics with atelier-style craftsmanship from start to finish, the American-made cummertaile is an absolute must-have edition to add to your special occasion look. And because this product is brand new to the fashion world, it is best described as an artisan accessory you can wear to your favorite formal events – or indeed – to compliment your favorite casual ensembles. 

Inge De Windt adds colorful contrast to this classic all-black look with her green 'Vine Pessaz' cummertaile - Christine Huwart LLC

Inge De Windt adds colorful contrast to this classic all-black look with her green ‘Vine Pessaz’ cummertaile – Christine Huwart LLC

Who Invented the American-Made Cummertaile?

So who innovated such a unique outfit topper? We have Inge De Windt to thank for bringing this charming style delicacy into our lives. Sold exclusively online at Christine Huwart LLC, Inge’s brand currently stocks over 20 cummertaile designs… and counting! Available in a fabulous range of colors and unusual designs, Inge defines every cummertaile as a one-off creation that will help her customers style signature looks they simply won’t find anywhere else. You can choose your own sizing options as well, since these American-made cummertailes run in sizes XS-L, making this the ideal accessory for fashionistas both petite and curvy. 

American-Made Cummertaile

Stylish and sophisticated in Bullet Blues ‘Fox Azur’ Skinny Dark Wash Denim

American-Made Cummertaile and Bullet Blues Jeans

Style Your Cummertaile with Bullet Blues Designer Denim – Made in the USA 

Whether you’re looking for an accessory that will show off your waist or conceal your stomach, hips or derriere, this exclusive line of cummertailes will fast become your secret weapon, ladies! Sassy, sophisticated and fashioned from the softest silk faille fabric, this made-for-all-occasion accessory is guaranteed to attract compliments. What’s more, it’s instantly slimming and versatile in every way. So why not pair your favorite colorful cummertaile with our ‘Fox Azur’ dark wash jeans, a simple blue blouse and platform heels just like the outfit Inge De Windt rocks in her recent photoshoot. Thank you for these beautiful photos, Inge!

American-Made Cummertaile and Bullet Blues Jeans

Inge pairs Bullet Blues’ ‘Fox Azur’ Dark Wash Jeans with her ‘Drop Mania’ American-made cummertaile

Each waistband is also lined with the brand’s signature Christine Huwart logo to ensure every item is 100% authentic and of course, made in the USA. To discover this super chic collection of all-American cummertailes and how to style your own piece, check out her online gallery right here

Once again, we would like to thank Inge De Windt for shopping with Bullet Blues and for sending us these fabulous fashion snapshots. We hope you’re all feeling inspired and eager to try this product – happy cummertaile shopping!

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