American Made February Favorites: Cute Valentine's Dresses

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American Made February Favorites: Cute Valentine’s Dresses

Romance is in the Air with These Cute Valentine’s Dresses from Bullet Blues

What do heart-shape chocolates, red roses and cute Valentine’s dresses have in common? Valentine’s Day, of course! There are many ingredients that make the perfect V-Day celebration, especially for the lady in your life. One of the most personal ways to any fashion-conscious woman’s heart is to pay attention to her wardrobe, the clothes she likes to wear. If your other half enjoys shopping the latest trends for those special calendar occasions, she’s likely to have a few American made February favorites on her wish-list already – including a Pinterest board of cute Valentine’s dresses.

romantic beach dinner date - Bullet Blues' blog - Cute Valentine's Dresses

Dinner for two. Image source: Pinterest

Maybe she’s started to drop hints about restaurant choices, or you caught her lusting after a new David Aubrey charm bracelet while browsing online today. Guys, it goes without saying that you’ll want to show off your charming side this year and book that romantic dinner-for-2 reservation… stat! Somewhere elegant that serves champagne on tap. But what your lady may not be expecting is for you to surprise her with a bouquet, the swanky dinner invite, AND the dress of her dreams.

Bullet Blues Cute Valentine's Dresses - Little Black Dress Made in USA

Bullet Blues Cute Valentine’s Outfit – Mathilde Little Black Dress paired with strappy sandals – Made in USA

If it’s V-Day style inspiration you need, these cute Valentine’s dresses from Bullet Blues will make the perfect love gift for your special lady next month…

Cute Valentine’s Dresses: Bullet Blues Long-Sleeve ‘Cecile’ Dress

We all know that Cupid’s birthday falls on February 14th, so luckily there’s still plenty of time to shop cute American made dresses before our fave ‘hearts and flowers’ holiday arrives. Nothing says ‘sexy’ quite like a figure-hugging bodycon dress, and our ‘Cecile’ long-sleeve dress is a buttery slice of sartorial heaven. Whether your beloved has a penchant for purple, or she’s rarely spotted without her trademark little black dress, this luxe Bullet Blues piece makes a fabulous Valentine’s Day staple. What makes this ensemble even more lust-worthy is its premium modal stretch fabric. Guys, it’s essential to choose a dress your gal feels comfortable wearing all evening, so getting the fit right should be your top priority. With a flattering low-cut back, knee length and long-sleeve style, Bullet Blues’ American made ‘Cecile’ dress reveals just enough body for her natural confidence to shine through.

American Made Dinner Date Must-Have: ‘Mathilde’ Sleeveless Little Black Dress

L is for love, so let’s talk dresses. If the love for your sweetie is anything like the relationship she has with her wardrobe, our made in America little black dress is the ultimate Valentine’s gift. Make it an evening to remember with this alluring Bullet Blues LBD. With a slimming silhouette and feminine side split, if your plan is to wine and dine her somewhere special, this glamorous number guarantees to have both of you feeling in the mood for love. Just make sure she brings a coat before facing the chilly winter breeze outside.

Shop The Bullet Blues Cowgirl Look for V-Day: ‘Clothilde’ Maxi Dress

Some style-savvy ladies actually prefer dressing up for V-Day with a longer length skirt. That’s the beauty of our maxi dresses, she can show off her beautiful neckline and arms but give an air of mystery to her finished Valentine’s look. After all, it’s what a lady doesn’t reveal that matters. Bullet Blues ‘Clothilde’ maxi dress is the American made answer to your lady’s style prayers. The off-duty cowgirl edge and soft cotton material means this dress is ideal for longer dates. The ones where you have so much to say that daytime fun soon turns into a late night dinner and movie date. Our country maxi dress made in America is available in black or white, and when it comes to choosing cute Valentine’s dresses, this one makes the perfect match for your beauty.

Bullet Blues Clothilde Maxi Dress - Made in USA - Cute Valentine's Dresses

Country Gal in White, Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Bullet Blues Clothilde Maxi Dress – Made in USA

Flowers? Check. Candy box? Check. American made V-Day dress? That’s your romantic gestures sorted. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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