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American women: Put together one American-made summer outfit

American-made summer outfit

Meghan Markle brings some classic American style to Great Britain. Take it a step further and recreate the outfit using only American-made clothing, shoes and accessories. American women: Put together one American-made summer outfit. Photo courtesy of PopSugar.com

Can you put together an entire American-made summer outfit? This outfit includes clothing, accessories and shoes. Imagine, add nothing to your outfit constructed outside the United States.

After all, purchasing American-made products is a priority for you; we know. Additionally, Bullet Blues also knows the challenge is daunting with so many inexpensive, foreign products available.

We at Bullet Blues, however, accept the challenge. Let’s purchase long-lasting, quality items made in the United States. And, we want to share with you some secrets. For example, this blog is a recipe for is creating a cool, summer outfit, while supporting American workers.

Even big apparel companies are moving manufacturing stateside. According to a February, 2015 Forbes’ article, “Why Brooks Brothers and Brothers and Other Apparel Companies are Moving Manufacturing Back Home,” Brooks Brothers manufactures 10 percent of its shirts in North Carolina. In addition, seventy percent of Brooks Brothers’ suits are made here, while 100 percent of all Brooks Brothers’ ties are created in New York.

Follow our lead, and you will be stylishly dressed from head-to-toe in quality, American-made products.

Let’s start with a classic and simple American-made outfit. Look at our inspiration photo of Meghan Markle. She is showing the Brits how to look elegant with classic pieces.

American-made summer outfit

If you want a fitted, but feminine version of the classic white button-down, look no further than Michael Stars.

One American-made summer outfit: White button-down shirt

Wearing a white button-down from anywhere but the United States just feels wrong, right? Make it fitted for extra punch.

Michael Stars’ Ruffle Button-Up-Shirt has a more feminine version of the classic, white button-down with ruffles in a light-weight gauzy material. The top comes in two other colors.

Meghan, however, wears a boxier, somewhat masculine version of the button-down. For a more traditional men’s button-down, though, consider the ‘Bullet Blues’ Men’s Chambray Shirt,’ pictured below.

American-made summer outfit

Meghan Markle likes a classic, American look. She wears a boxier, somewhat masculine version of the button-down. For a more traditional men’s button-down, consider the ‘Bullet Blues’ Men’s Chambray Shirt.’

One American-made summer outfit: Bullet Blues ‘Fox Ciel’ skinnies

American-made summer outfit

The ‘Bullet Blues Fox Ciel Sky Blue Skinny Jeans’ give a classic look for an all-American outfit.

Because a light-wash, skinny denim is flattering on everyone. It’s a cool, American-made match to Markle’s outfit. Try ‘Bullet Blues Fox Ciel designer jeans,’ 100 percent made in the USA. If you are shorter and thicker in the thighs/rear, instead look for a heeled shoe to give you height. This will lengthen your silhouette.

One American-made summer outfit: Shoes

American-made summer outfit

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) has been making comfortable, beautiful shoes in the United States since 1976. Check out the “Lone Star State” when shoe shopping.

Meghan adds a pop of color with some red flats. You can follow “suit” with these ‘Red Nouveau Sandals by SAS in Alfa Red.’

“SAS” stands for San Antonio Shoemakers. In 1976, two shoemakers, Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden, decided to bring shoemaking home, just as other companies were outsourcing abroad. The company offers men’s and women’s shoes designed for comfort and style.

One American-made summer outfit: Accessories

American-made summer outfit

Detroit-based Shinola offers American-made, American-leather bags like this ‘Small Birdy Hobo’ bag in bourbon.

Meghan carries a large, tan-leather tote in our inspiration outfit. We’ve opted for Shinola’s American-made, American-leather ‘Small Birdy Hobo’ bag in a similar bourbon leather. Shinola is a little-known, Detroit-based company dedicated to creating American jobs. The company creates watches, bikes and handbags. The Shinola website also features stories about American workers, artists and companies.

American-made summer outfit American-made summer outfit American-made summer outfit


We look to the Southern Highland Craft Guild for American-made jewelry. Meghan wears a delicate gold bracelet and small earrings. And, since we don’t have an English prince on our arm, a little more texture and color will give our American-made outfit some panache. These delicate, beaded, gold hoops (by Susan McDonough) and riveted, brass bangles (by Julie Merrill) are made in North Carolina. The ‘Pink Tourmaline Cabochon Necklace,’ also by North Carolina’s Susan McDonough, is splurge-worthy.


American-made summer outfit

Emma Stone wears American-made Randolph ‘P3’ sunglasses while shooting the Netflix “Maniac” series. Randolph creates lifetime-guaranteed sunglasses in Massachusetts. Photo courtesy Randolph.usa.com

Finally, Randolph manufactures guaranteed-for-life, American-made sunglasses in Massachusetts. Since 1970, these highly-acclaimed, quality spectacles have been created for military leaders and celebrities alike. Nevertheless, while the style is a little different than Meghan’s pictured glasses, no one can miss with the ‘P3’ round or classic Aviator looks.

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