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How to Keep the Bullet Blues “Mathilde” Little Black Dress Casual

Today I am going to be discussing how to keep a little black dress casual. This is my second post of the three part series featuring ‘Mathilde’ LBD as a guest blogger for Bullet Blues for all of you dress lovers.


Keeping your little black dress casual can be super easy so I am excited to tell you how! I mentioned in my first LBD post that I love having pieces that can be dressed up or down. I love this relaxed take on the “Mathilde” LBD because it really fits my every day life. This post is for all you mommas out there running from one place to the next!  

Sneakers are all the rage right now so that is a huge tip in making any little black dress casual. Or any outfit, really. I especially love a clean white sneaker with black pieces because they will make both pieces stand out. White and black is the perfection color combo! Obviously, sneakers are comfy and so is this soft, American made dress. 

Another reason it is so fun to style a little black dress in a casual way is because it is a blank canvas. There’s room to play with colors (like this yellow clutch from FLY Modern Apparel), other pieces, and different textures. Tying this really trendy military coat around my waist makes it look like I’m not even trying. But we all know, in reality, styling outfits that look like you aren’t trying, actually take quite awhile to put together! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. This could work too with a sweatshirt or plaid button up (tip: steal your husband’s)! This LBD has a cinched waist on one side so it gives whoever wears it more shape and then tying a top around your waist, gives you even more curves. That is the main reason I like doing it! Who doesn’t appreciate a smaller waist?

In my Summer date night post, I mentioned the slit, and now you can see, that it really isn’t too much when trying to dress this down.

How else can you keep this Bullet Blues little black dress casual? Throw your hair in a topknot! It is super trendy right now, but also really chic. And again, really doesn’t look you’re trying too hard. 


Bullet Blues 'Mathilde" little black dress casual style - Made in USA little black dress casual little black dress casual style - Bullet Blues 'Mathilde' - Made in the USA little black dress casual style by Bullet Blues - 'Mathilde' - Made in the USA


Do you like the Bullet Blues Mathilde Little Black Dress more casual? Let us know how you would dress it down!


Guest Blogger: Alexandria Waning from Topknot Style

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