Best Denim Style for Spring 2019: Finding USA made jeans for your figure

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Best denim style for Spring 2019: Finding USA made jeans for your figure

best denim style for 2019 - Bullet Blues

Victoria Beckham brings out her slouchy skinnies for Spring/Summer 2019. Get the look and go for a high-waisted pair of skinnies with extra fabric at the bottom and a pair of epic heels. Try our light-wash skinnies like Bullet Blues’ Fox Ciel-Sky Blue Skinny Jeans, Made in U.S.A. Our Bullet Blues’ Doll Charbon-Grey Skinny Jeans, Made in the U.S.A., will give you Victoria’s look in spades.

Best denim style for 2019

The best denim styles for 2019 include a flashback to 1990’s style.

The ‘90s denim trend is back. Light-wash, straight-leg, and bootcut are seeing a resurgence. This spring, you have plenty of modern style to add to your ‘90s denim.

This month, Bullet Blues looks at four different ‘90s denim trends. A 2019 Forbe’s article, “How to Shop Spring 2019 Hottest Denim Trends,” explores the different denim looks for this season.

More importantly, we look at how to dress your body, regardless of the trend. For instance, while low-rise jeans may look adorable on your teenage daughter and Brittany Spears, the look doesn’t suit a woman with a thicker middle. Short-waisted women under 5’4” should leave the low-rise on the rack.

Instead, let’s look at what is flattering to your body. Remember, the best fashion sense means the best fit for your body. Bootcut jeans are flattering on everyone. Tall, skinny, heavy, short, athletic builds all rock a bootcut jean. Add a heeled boot or stiletto to lengthen your frame and give the illusion of height. In addition, a heel will give you a slimming look. For a rundown of the best denim trends for 2019, check out the Today show’s fashion video update at:

best denim style for 2019 - Bullet Blues "Bombshell bleu de minuit" bootcut jeans made in USA

Bootcut denim is flattering on every figure. Take a look at our Bullet Blues’ bootcut denim styles: Bombshell Bleu de Minuit or Bombshell Bleu de Papillon.


Bootcut jeans are flattering on everyone, and spring 2019 denim has bootcuts everywhere. Tall, skinny, heavy, short and athletic builds, for instance, all rock a bootcut jean. If you are shorter, add a heeled boot or stiletto to lengthen your frame and give the illusion of height. In addition, a heel will give you a slimming look.

best denim style for 2019 - Bullet Blues' blog

Rachel Bilson shows her slouchie skinnie style, while running errands. Look at Bullet Blues’ Fox Azur Blue Skinnies, Made in the U.S.A., for Bilson’s look.

Slouching skinnies

Give yourself a Victoria Beckham makeover with slouching skinny jeans. To get this Spring 2019 denim look, buy a longer length to get the extra fabric at the bottom. Throw on a pair of pumps or stiletto heels to elongate your body. The finished look is modern and on-trend. Make sure, however, the style is high-waisted. You will have a dramatic and long line from waist to floor. The stretch in modern denims make skinnies a good look for many women. Take a look at our Bullet Blues’ blog post about polyester fibers in denim.

best denim style for 2019 - Bullet Blues' blog

For a wide-leg, classic style, take a look at Oprah wearing these straight-leg, wide-bottom jeans with a little tapering at the knee. The dark denim and blazer gives this outfit a timeless, work-friendly feel. Look at our Bullet Blues’ Elegant Mer High Rise Designer Boot Cut Jeans, Made in U.S.A., for a similar look. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Bullet Blues "Sunday Ciel" wide leg jeans made in USA

A wider leg at the bottom of your jeans can elongate your figure with the right heels. Bullet Blues Sunday Ciel Flared Leg, Made in the U.S.A. give you the look.


Do not confuse wide-leg with boot-cut denim styles. Instead, think ‘70s bell-bottom. The best denim trends for 2019, for instance, take old styles and add a fresh touch. The modern twist, however, is the wide leg from the waist-to-the-floor. This is a great style for women with heavy thighs. The legs of the jean will hit you at the widest point of your leg and then keep a straight line to your feet. It’s best to pair this style with heels and a belt. The belt will give your waist definition and offset the heaviness of all that fabric below. Any body type can pull off a wide-leg, but women thicker in the rump and thighs will love this ‘90s style.


Spring 2019 denim is light. While darker denim is always a better choice for work or more formal situations, lean to your light-wash for lazy weekends and fun nights out.

Bullet Blues jeans made in USA

Bullet Fox Azur Jeans, made in the U.S.A., have the slouchy skinny look Victoria Beckham is trending now.

Best denim style for 2019: What works on you

Regardless of whether you want the 2019 denim style, look for flattering denim styles for your figure. If ’90’s styles feel out-of-touch, however, take a look at our suggestions to modernize the style. A classic outfit is a classic outfit, no matter the current trends.

As always, however, drop the consumer guilt, buy American-made jeans like those found at Bullet Blues Designer Apparel.



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