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Best jeans to conceal your tummy: Let go of the winter-weight blues

Best jeans to conceal your tummy

Shop Bullet Blues American made jeans to find the best jeans to conceal your tummy

Wearing ‘skinny’ jeans when you feel heavy seems counter-intuitive until you practice some basic fashion rules. Photo courtesy of You will need  to find the best jeans to conceal your tummy…

What are the best jeans to conceal your tummy?

Winter is over and most every normal person in the Continental U.S., outside of L.A., has gained few pounds. With summer around the bend and spring already here, how do you dress the body you have vs. the body you wish you had? What are the best jeans to conceal your tummy?

The answer: high-waisted, skinny jeans.

The recipe is simple enough, although it feels counter-intuitive. Putting on a pair of “skinny” jeans when you feel far-from skinny doesn’t make sense. Or, does it?

Like some of the great mysteries, high-waisted, skinny jeans can actually have a slimming effect.

best jeans to conceal your tummy - Bullet Blues American made skinny jeans

Dressing in darker tones, wearing flat-fronted jeans and adding heels will visually lose some winter weight. Photo courtesy of, October 2017.

Tips to conceal your tummy

  1. Don’t choose low-quality denim. It’s important to find denim thick enough to conceal and hold you in, where you need it most. Choose the size you really wear. Find a pair of jeans in your size that control your tummy without strangling your curves. Take a look at this article for similar tips.

There’s a lot of cheap denim out there. Cheap denim will show every lump and bump by creating a hard-to-forget image of a bad leggings style disaster. The best jeans to conceal your tummy will be carefully constructed from high-quality denim. Shop around for denim with good reviews and high-quality. Read this Bullet Blues’ blog post showing high-quality denim reviews.

  1. Choose a darker denim. Darker shades always take off a few pounds visually. Dressing in a monotone with darker denim and a similar dark tone on top will slim your expanded areas. Need an outfit that won’t fail?

Put together a pair of darker denim, high-waisted skinny jeans with a tucked-in black T-shirt. Add a black belt, simple black heels and a black, fitted jacket. Throw in a colorful, textured scarf and gold, hoop earrings to add a shot of color, texture and shine. If you want to go a little edgier, make the jacket leather.

  1. Make sure the jeans have a flat-front style. Avoid pleated fronts and baggy, front pockets. Remember, you are streamlining your figure. Adding more material at your thickest point isn’t going to give you the look you’re after. Wear your size and find a flat-fronted jean that stops at the ankle. Throw in a black heel, and you have effectively dropped a few pounds and lengthened your frame visually. Read this article at for more slimming ideas.
best jeans to conceal your tummy - Bullet Blues "Lady Slim" high-waist skinny jeans made in the USA

High-waisted jeans, like these Bullet Blues Lady Slim High-Waist Medium Indigo Wash Skinnies, can give you the illusion of looking 10 pounds thinner.

Celebrate what you have

Most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate the body you have. It’s gotten you this far, right? Dressing for success doesn’t mean squeezing into your clothes and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. The world’s most beautiful women embrace their curves, or lack of, and generate confidence.

And, always buy American-made clothes to eliminate that consumer guilt the rest of the country feels after a stop at the mall.

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