Best Place to buy Designer Jeans Made in the USA is Bullet Blues

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Best Place To Buy Designer Jeans Made In The USA Is Bullet Blues

The best place to buy designer jeans is online at Bullet Blues. Read on to know why!

Bullet Blues will become your best place to buy designer jeans from the comfort of your own home. The women’s and men’s  jeans are designer jeans and they are 100% made in the USA. We think it is important to wear American made jeans and apparel as it helps our economy and keeps Americans working.  Not only Bullet Blues jeans are made in USA but they are trendy, stylish, well-fitted and super comfy. Bullet Blues carries different styles, fabric and washes. You will find your traditional pair of jeans, your sexy skinnies, your boot-cut jeans, your boyfriend jeans and more.  As you know by now, American made denim can be very difficult to find at your favorite boutique, your local shop and you can search for hours in a big mall, but why go through all of that?! Bullet Blues gives you the opportunity to shop from home, stress free.


The best place to buy designer jeans should be where you can find a pair of flattering denim that will become your favorite pair of jeans to rock over and over! The denim must be durable and of course you can trust us with the quality. We only use the best denim that Cone, in North Carolina, makes available to us. The rivets and buttons are custom-made by YKK in Kentucky. Bullet Blues jeans are made in Los Angeles by American workers.  They are designed to be comfortable, to last, and look chic. Different denim can result in always needing different sizes so the best place to buy your designer jeans should offer you comparable size charts, right?! We do just that. With other top denim brands listed, it’s a guarantee that you’ll get your size correct. You will also get what you see and what you read!  Check what our customers are saying about our jeans! Just like this happy customer said!

“Just a note to thank you, I received my skinnies just before my cruise. They are super comfy and versatile. They are true to the description on your website A great find a must have!!! Thanks again.”
Lori Garner

The best place to buy designer jeans has to carry American made fashionable tops so you don’t have to look somewhere else to buy something trendy, casual or dressy that is  American made to pair with your new favorite pair of jeans.  Bullet Blues makes it convenient for you! You can browse our site for some high-end tops, skirts, and dresses, tees and button-up shirts. Like our designer denim, these pieces are also very comfortable and durable. For example, Bullet Blues Elodie Vintage Rock Top featured above is soft against the skin. The shoulders and décolletage are topped with a textured faux-leather accent that’s reminiscent of 70’s rock star attire. Lovelies, this top is unique and very trendy this season. So ruffle up any of your fav denim or any of your new Bullet Blues American made denim!

The best place to buy designer jeans should be affordable and a great pair of designer denim shouldn’t  have to cost a fortune! Most designer jeans that you will find at the mall cost more than $200 and they are not made in the USA. At Bullet Blues, we offer a great discount when you sign up and of course, free shipping on all orders and returns. You will receive a discount code before each holiday as we only believe in true sale. Anything we can do to help you out, let us know. If you need 2 sizes to get the perfect fit, email us a note. Bullet Blues promises to be the best place to buy your designer jeans! So what are you waiting for? If you already own a pair of Bullet Blues, you rock! We would love to know your opinion and the style that you prefer.



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