Bullet Blues Loves American-Made Stretchy Bootcut Jeans for Summer

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Bullet Blues Loves American-Made Stretchy Bootcut Jeans for Summer

90’s Bootcut Denim is Back in Style, and it’s Taking the Fashion World by Storm!

As you try on your classic American-made stretchy bootcut jeans, what’s the first thing that springs to mind… “how do I look” or “are these still in style” are perhaps some of your go-to thoughts, right? Yes, those trusty bootcuts are making a comeback! 

Bullet Blues Bombshell American Made Stretchy Bootcut Jeans - Light and Dark Washes

For the better part of five decades, fashion-forward men and women have been rockin’ bootcut jeans in all their flared glory. Although this type of denim is now often seen as a vintage style, nevertheless, bootcut jeans are still very much a trend adored by the movers and shakers of today’s thriving fashion scene. 

Bombshell Bleu Papillon Light Wash Bootcut Jeans - Made in America

You heard it here first ladies and gents… the beloved bootcut is back on the style map for SS19. And since this classic-look denim is a firm favorite in our wardrobe all year round – we couldn’t be happier about the fact. From luxury and high-end brands to mainstream high street stores, the revival of this popular trend has been met with a warm welcome for the most part. Everyone from Balenciaga to Levi’s and Nordstrom are taking note and bringing back American-made stretchy bootcut jeans; confirming that there’s still plenty of stylish appeal to be seen from this 90’s throwback. Jeans that show off your finest assets AND skim over your favorite cowboy boots – what’s not to love?

90’s Denim makes a Time-Honored Comeback with American-made Stretchy Bootcut Jeans

Most notably favored back in the mid 1990’s when supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss were never one step away from the spotlight or the runways. These fashion icons were often photographed sporting blue wash bootcuts, and as a result, the rest of the fashion population followed their stylish example. 

Cowboys and Cowgirls in Bootcut Jeans - Bullet Blues Made in USA

Another crowd in which the humble American-made bootcut jean has made its mark upon are of course the many western communities across the USA. To this day, our original cowboys and cowgirls still worship this iconic denim style as it offers a robust breed of practicality, as well as being a versatile option to dress up when the occasion calls for it.    

Rock Your Flared Bootcut Jeans the Bullet Blues Way This Summer

Want to zero in on which all-American bootcuts might be a match for your summer wardrobe, and pick up a few style tips while you’re at it? Keep reading guys and gals…

Whether you’re new to the idea of wearing the famous bootcut trend or you’re looking for a pair of designer American-made stretchy bootcut jeans without the hefty price tag – here at Bullet Blues, we want to help you find the perfect flared style for summer ready for you to channel your own modern version of this much-loved 90’s denim choice. 

Bullet Blues Sauvage - Relaxed Fit Boot Cut Indigo Designer Jeans - Made in USA

Enter Bullet Blues’ ‘Sauvage’ relaxed-fit bootcut jeans. Guys, if you’re a fan of classic meets contemporary denim, this dark indigo staple ticks all the right boxes for your summer casual look. Crafted here in Los Angeles with a premium quality denim, these American-made stretchy bootcut jeans offer flexibility which can be hard to find in a good pair of jeans. So depending on your personal fit preference, our relaxed ‘Sauvage’ bootcuts run in larger sizes allowing for plenty of comfort and ‘give’. No matter what type of physique you have, this subtle faded style will always offer a vintage look with plenty of ‘wiggle’ room every time you wear them. 

Bullet Blues Men's Chambray Button Up Designer Shirt - Made in USA

Simply pair with a casual blue button-up shirt and loafers for an elevated off-duty statement, or if you’re a fan of colorful plaid prints and western boots, this is a super trendy look that you can rock for day or evening attire.     

Light or Dark Wash Denim: Which Style do Your Prefer?

For ladies who perhaps can’t decide between light and dark wash jeans, don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise this season. Our two ‘Bombshell’ bootcut styles are both ultra-flattering and designed to fit various body shapes. Whether you’re a curvy cowgirl with a love for light blue denim, but you’re looking for a beautiful style to elongate your legs, the Bullet Blues ‘Bombshell Bleu Papillon’ bootcut jeans have a unique sun-worn look that’s perfect for a stroll on the beach or the boardwalk.


Bullet Blues Bombshell Bleu Papillon - Cowgirl Boot Cut Jeans - Made in USA
Bullet Blues Bombshell Bleu de Minuit - Dark Wash Boot Cut Jean - Made in USA

With a mid-rise waist and leg-lengthening appearance, when it comes to finding American-made stretchy bootcut jeans for summer, they don’t come more fabulous than our ‘blue butterfly’ denim. We also run a midnight blue style known as ‘Bombshell Bleu de Minuit’ for ladies who prefer a more classic look. Both of these bootcut jeans are equally ideal for cowgirls and city girls as they feature a stylish flared leg opening to cater for boots, as well as platforms shoes and tall stilettos. So if you love an elongated look with plenty of height, both our light blue and dark blue Bombshell styles have this covered.

Are you a long-time fan of the bootcut denim trend or have you recently bought a new pair for summer? Guys and Gals, why not share how you like to style this tried and true American favorite.

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