Bullet Blues' Beginner's Guide to Finding the Perfect Jeans

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Bullet Blues’ Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Jeans

At Bullet Blues, we totally agree with the many die-hard denim fanatics out there that finding perfect jeans is one of life’s little pleasures. Retailers from just about every country in the world promote their denim collections in the hope that their stylish customers will come across a pair that will become not just a fashion staple, but a part of their lifestyles forever.

Made in USA

For perfect jeans, Bullet Blues proudly encourages the ‘made in USA’ lifestyle, and it’s easy to see why we tailor our designer denim pieces around this movement. From boot-cut and flared varieties, to super skinny, cigarette and cropped styles, we really do offer a slice of quality denim for everybody. What’s more is that every valued customer who chooses to invest in the Bullet Blues brand receives the finest premium jeans, which are made here in America. Shoppers want jeans that will last a lifetime as opposed to fast fashion, and that’s exactly what we as a fashion brand produce.

To find perfect jeans is difficult. Being avid spotters of the latest street style trends, we’ll often scour the web for the best dressed bloggers and industry professionals if it means soaking up some essential fashion inspiration in the process. One of the things we’ve been asked by female shoppers in particular is to provide tips on how to dress for different body shapes. All of the Bullet Blues team love to rock flattering designer jeans and live life to the fullest, so today we’re going to help you overcome that fear of wearing ill-fitting jeans, and instead show you which styles are best suited to your individual body shape.

Get to Know Your Own Body Shape

Real Women of all Body Shapes - find your perfect jeans with Bullet Blues

It sounds pretty obvious to find the perfect jeans, but it’s amazing how many ladies are not familiar with their own body types. Tall, athletic, curvy, average, petite, we’re each lucky enough to have a unique genetic make up, which is why finding appropriate jeans can be a challenge for some. But instead of dreading trying on a new pair of jeans, why not embrace the experience and make it fun? There are many online quizzes which will come in handy for you when it comes to deciding on your denim staples. By answering a few simple questions using an online quiz like this one, your answers will ultimately help you to identify those key factors such as height, build, what purpose you want your new jeans to serve, that kind of thing.

Bullet Blues Jeans for all shapes and sizes - Perfect jeans made in usa

Bullet Blues provide Jeans for all shapes and sizes.

For some people, choosing the right and perfect jeans is a piece of cake, but at Bullet Blues we think that buying the most flattering and trendy jeans is a luxury experience that everybody should be able to enjoy.

Experiment with Your Denim Styles

denim washes - Bullet Blues - perfect jeans

However, it’s not just body shape that determines the threads we like, right? Denim coloring, wash techniques, length and fabric blends all play an important role in how a pair of jeans is going to look. From the very first wear to washing your jeans 50 times, there’s no denying that sustainability is likely to affect your purchasing choices, that’s only human nature. This is why all of Bullet Blues’ individual designer jeans are designed to withstand the test of time and actually get better with age. If you’ve never experimented with different types of denim before, it’s definitely worth seeing what all the fuss is about ladies!

Here are just a few of our best-sellers to inspire your wardrobe this season and the next…

  • Who doesn’t love a jean with a relaxed boyfriend fit? Our ‘Le Copain Rêverie’ style is a must-have for spring, and their sun-worn finish will add an instant cool factor to any outfit.

To view our complete designer denim collection for women, click here.

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