Bullet Blues Western Look with American Made Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans

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Bullet Blues Western Look: American Made Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans

This Season Calls for a New Jean on the Block… Hello Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans!

Our American made Bombshell cowgirl jeans are your fresh alternative to cowboy jeans. Spaghetti Western movies like The Dollars Trilogy may not be the most current box office trend, but they’ve certainly stood the test of time, both as a cinematic and fashion reference. One thing we do have to thank Clint Eastwood for (aside from his stellar acting talent) is his western legacy. Not only has Clint created film history several times over, he’s also paved the way for a style-book full of denim trends which now influence the world of American fashion as we know it.

Live the Cowgirl Life - Featured in Bullet Blues Blog - 'Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans'

Live the Cowgirl Life. Image Source: Pexels

Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans - Made in USA by Bullet Blues

Our Bullet Blues “Cowboy” Boot Cut Jeans Made in USA with Pro Rodeo Chaps (Dan Curtin)

Trends such as Americana, 70’s hippy chic, 90’s grunge, two-tone and double denim (the Canadian tuxedo to some) these are all unique examples of how cool blue American-made jeans and apparel can reinvent your summertime wardrobe. Bullet Blues’ light wash Bombshell cowgirl jeans pay tribute to the flared hem jeans of the 70’s with a modern boot-cut twist, while authentic craftsmanship honors American trade with every stitch.

Western Style - Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans Inspiration

Image Source: FashionTasty.com

Bullet Blues celeb style icons like Shania Twain, Stevie Nicks and Jessica Alba are all fashion-forward babes who love to rock their own versions of the cowgirl look. Draw inspiration from the stars as you channel country, rock chic or refined city chic this season.

These three fashion flavors are some of the hottest ways you can wear our Bombshell cowgirl jeans. Pinterest boards at the ready, ladies!

Country Gal

If you’re always switched on when it comes to reworking the boho look, and you never leave your apartment without a fringed jacket, country style obviously looks great on you. Bullet Blues American-made cowgirl jeans come in a classic boot-cut style, so you can wear them with vintage cowgirl boots, or add height with a pair of Louboutin heels. Don’t be afraid to play with double denim too. Gwen Stefani got the memo about this trend…

Gwen Stefani Rocking the Double Denim Trend - Featured in "Bombshell Cowgirl Jeans" by Bullet Blues

Gwen Stefani Rocking the Double Denim Trend. Image Source: Pinterest

Festival Fever

Rock star style is effortlessly cool. You can be as understated or overdressed as your heart desires with this trend. The beauty about being a rocker chic is that you can customize your denim to express your personality – jackets and jeans are great canvas pieces for studs, pins and textures. So if you love your American-made cowgirl jeans with a slightly distressed look, our ‘Bombshell Bleu Papillon’ jeans instantly offer a lived-in feel and sun-washed look. Are you hitting up the festival scene or heading on a summer road trip? This made in USA cool blue jean says “with the band” down to a T.

Street Style Cool

Street style blogger by day, supermodel by night, Bullet Blues’ Bombshell jeans offer a more refined take on traditional 70’s flares; so they’re a perfect choice for polished ladies. With a leg-lengthening silhouette and subtle faded look, this is one summer staple you’ll want to show off while out and about. Now go forth and strut your stuff, lovelies!

Bullet Blues Bombshell Bleu Papillon - Cowgirl Denim Jeans Made in USA

Which Bombshell Babe describes you best? Step into the light side of denim this summer, and unleash your inner cowgirl á la Bullet Blues.

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