Bullet Blues Fall Uniform: Black Skinny Jeans + Scarf

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Bullet Blues Fall Uniform: Black Skinny Jeans + Scarf

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Fall fashion is one of our favs here at Bullet Blues, but let’s be real – once the temps drop and we start to see frost on the ground, we’re not dressing just for fashion anymore. We’re dressing for warmth! And when we can barely drag ourselves out of bed in the morning (so warm…so sleepy…), every Bullet Blues girl knows that a cute no-brainer fall uniform is the way to go. Cue the warmest and most versatile fall uniform in any girl’s wardrobe: a giant scarf and a pair of killer black skinny jeans! 

A giant scarf thrown over an edgy outfit provides a cute and ultra-feminine layered look that we love while providing an extra layer of warmth on blustery October days (we especially love infinity scarves and knit scarves for a cutesy touch), while a pair of sexy black skinny jeans in an edgy stovepipe silhouette (like the Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean, obvi) gives the look a sultry, rocker vibe. If you haven’t invested in that perfect pair of black cigarette jeans made in USA yet, you’ll definitely want to after you see these three must-have autumn looks!

Bullet Blues Chic Parisien black skinny jeans made in USA

Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean

Red Infinity Scarf + Denim Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans

black skinny jeans scarf 1

Scarf, earrings, bag, shirt, booties, jeans from Bullet Blues

Black skinny jeans and denim shirts go together like peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and wine, and coke and whiskey! This tried and true outfit has brought us through countless falls, with a few trendy updates (looking at you, peep-toe booties!) this classic and timeless outfit will help you sail through fall in style.

Pair your favorite pair of black skinny jeans (like the Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean) with a denim shirt in a trendy silhouette, like the boxy one featured here. A pair of lip-shaped earrings and a red infinity scarf provide a pop of color, while a sleek leopard print clutch lends an air of polish to the look. Finish the look with a pair of peep-toe booties and an unexpected brown lipstick.

Camel Blazer + Tasseled Scarf + Black Skinny Jeans

black skinny jeans scarf 2

Jeans from Bullet Blues, blazer, shirt, scarf, sunnies, flats

If you’re looking to wear your American made black skinny jean + scarf combo to your casual workplace, have no fear! A sharp, camel colored blazer lends a bit of structure and professional polish to a slouchy statement tee and a pair of stovepipe skinnies (the Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean…what, are you surprised?), while a pair of pointy-toed flats in a leopard print adds a bit of trendy flair. A pair of cat-eye sunnies lends an element of youthful fun. Grab your favorite statement bag (for a super unexpected color combo, try an uber-trendy cobalt clutch) and you’re ready to take on even the drabbest Monday!

Leather Jacket + Feminine Scarf + Black Skinny Jeans

black skinny jeans scarf 3

Jacket, bag, blouse, scarf, booties, jeans from Bullet Blues

If rocker style is more your thing, a pair of Bullet Blues black skinny jeans made in USA  can provide that edgy look you crave, but a soft infinity scarf in a sweet and feminine color can give a tough outfit a much-needed girly counterpoint. Play up the femininity of a blush pink cashmere scarf with a luxe cream and blush bag and a filmy button-up blouse (bonus edgy points for this shirt’s ultra-sheer grid pattern). A pair of pointy-toed patent leather booties provides a trendy, high-fashion touch, while a soft, faux leather jacket brings the edge. Stay out all night at your favorite clubs, or meet your crush for a toasted graham latte – you’ll crush your fall fashion game either way!

What do you think? What are your favorite accessories to wear with your black skinny jeans in the fall? What is your favorite fall fashion trend? What is your go-to fall uniform? Let us know in the comments below! 

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