Bullet Blues Get the Look: Country Made in USA Style

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Bullet Blues Get the Look: Country Made in USA Style

The country look for both men and women is an appealing way of dressing which never goes out of style – fortunately at Bullet Blues, our forte is to provide savvy shoppers with timeless American-made pieces that can be added to your wardrobe with the arrival of each new season.

Country Look Mountain Man - Bullet Blues

Ever since the trend became popularly worn by cowboys, war veterans, mountain men, and tradesmen in the 19th Century American West, country and western styling has continued to evolve for the better. Movie stars like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris all used to channel this distinctive trend on the big screen in their heydays, and they were often seen sporting staples like Stetson hats, flannel shirts, leather chaps and of course, cowboy boots. Each of these western costume elements were known to add character to their outlaw movie personas.

Clint Eastwood Style Icon

Clint Eastwood – Man’s man and Country Style Icon!

But in terms of the country look today, this is by far a trend that has outdone itself, with celebrities, designer collections and retailers all helping to keep this traditional American style alive.

So right now, let’s look at how to take spring 2015 by storm and educate you gents on what you need to know to achieve your own smart-casual country style…

Saddle Up with an all-American Plaid Shirt

Whether you’re a practical dresser and you’re after a shirt that can be worn for work, or you’re a fan of the plaid shirt’s effortless cool factor for play, here at Bullet Blues, we have a variety of designer plaid shirts which you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. Our ‘Modern Country’ button-up shirt featured here by handsome model Lee Dahlberg is just one of Bullet Blues’ latest arrivals for men, and just in time to wear for spring.

If you’ve been searching for a neutral colored shirt which can be layered over the top of a classic white tee, this contemporary wardrobe staple is a must-have. Check out how Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville wears his check shirts, for a similar look. If you want to steal Knoxville’s signature masculine casual style, then our ‘Modern Country’ button-up shirt will help you to pull off your own take on the country trend.

Johnny Knoxville Plaid Country Shirt

Love Your Denim

Team our warm hue premium check shirt with a pair of relaxed fit jeans, a la Bullet Blues’ ‘Nationalist Nuit’ dark blue denim jeans. Perfect for guys with bulkier quads, or for those who prefer an easy wear fit, this is American-made denim at its best.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a lust for sky blue denim with a ‘lived in’ and worn effect, you may be better suited to our ‘Cowboy Azurin’ boot-cut jeans. As stated in the product name, these rockstar lighter denim jeans are ideal for cowboys and bad boys, and they get better with age.

Rock Out with Kick-Ass Footwear

All you’ll need to complete your country look now is a pair of vintage cowboy boots, Converse sneakers a la Johnny Knoxville, or a pair of edgy army boots. Choose some footwear that you feel comfortable wearing and then rock them to the max! Stetson hats are optional depending on the occasion in mind, and whether you want your desired outfit to be modern or traditional.

Steal Johnny Knoxville's Casual Style

Steal Johnny Knoxville’s Casual Style. Photo Credits: Polyvore

However you choose to channel this season’s five-star country trend, with the right clothing to hand, you’ll be sure to look and feel a million dollars!

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