Bullet Blues Honors Memorial Day Holiday

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Bullet Blues Honors Memorial Day Holiday

It’s that time again when American citizens proudly gather to honor the soldiers who bravely fought for their country during the American Civil War.

An important national holiday in the USA, Memorial Day is the ideal time to congregate with family and friends while remembering our war heroes – after all, we wouldn’t have the freedom that we enjoy today if it weren’t for the patriots who served America in the civil war.

Memorial Day 2015

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Here at Bullet Blues, we always look forward to celebrating this patriotic time of year with our nearest and dearest, and we’re sure you’re feeling the same way right now. Memorial day was made for spending quality time with those closest to us, and in light of this there are a variety of traditions that American citizens love to delve into.

Although we must take some time out to remember those brave soldiers who passed away in the name of America, memorial day should be a happy time too. It might be a day to spend with extended family who ordinarily you wouldn’t get to see too often, or a chance to enjoy a new leisure activity that you’ve never tried before now.

So if you need a dose of inspiration for some fun activities you can take part in, Bullet Blues has rounded up some of the holiday’s most loved ideas to help you and the family decide with your celebrations…

Fire Up the Barbecue

Let’s face it, most U.S. holidays are an excuse to enjoy some home-cooked BBQ food, right? Not everybody has to desire to leave their cosy homes and apartments on Memorial Day, and that’s OK.

Memorial Day BBQ

You can still feel free to take a few minutes from the hussle and bussle that is everyday life, and show some appreciation to the Civil War troupes at home. Why not stock up on your favorite tasty morsels at the grocery store, ahead of preparing that delicious barbecue feast for you and your family. This is something everyone can get involved with, from the flipping of the burgers, to the chilled beer and cocktail concoctions. Don’t be afraid to eat your body weight in ‘barby’ banquet either, as we’re all allowed to enjoy a cheat day every now and then!

Hit the Beach

One of our all time fave things about America is it’s beautiful sandy beaches. Whether you live in Florida, L.A. or Vegas, you’re bound to find yourself living not too far away from a local beach. If in doubt, take a look at this list of America’s best beach destinations to find your nearest one. Once you’ve located a beach hotspot that’s within a fairly close proximity to where you live, don’t forget to wear an outfit that’s casual and comfortable, with just a touch of off-duty glamour for good measure.

Beach Strolls

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Visit a War Memorial

Of course the main event of this public holiday is to honor and celebrate the military veterans who died for us, so if you are able to visit a War Memorial with your family, you should feel proud knowing you’ve paid your respects on this special day.

Celebrate Veterans Day

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Bullet Blues wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! - Bullet Blues

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