Bullet Blues Rock Star Style Radar: Joan Jett

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Bullet Blues Rock Star Style Radar: Joan Jett

If you’re looking for a new but familiar inspo on how to rock your favorite American made jeans from Bullet Blues, look no further than rock star Joan Jett. Known as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” and the “Godmother of Punk,” Joan Jett is not only a musical trailblazer and feminist icon, but she’s a style icon and rule breaker who’s style is imitated by the fashionistas of today again and again and again. The 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee has inspired many a rocker girl with her enviable edgy style, but here at Bullet Blues we love all iterations of Joan Jett’s style: from the youthful, doe-eyed looks of the 70s to the rough-around-the-edges punk of the early 80s to the glossy rocker of today. And the best news is, you can get all of these looks with your favorite American made designer denim from Bullet Blues!

Joan Jett in the 70s

Joan Jett 3

In 1975, at the tender age of 17, Joan Jett formed the Runaways with other barely-legal icons such as Cherie Curie and Lita Ford. Despite an underwhelming reception in the states, the controversial girl group garnered a large following in Japan for their boisterous sound and scandalous lyrics, which often referenced sex, drugs, and jail time. In these formative years, Jett hadn’t yet developed her signature black on black style, but she knew how to rock the trends of the time, including skin-tight ringer tees and wide leg, high waisted flares.

If a 70s wild child vibe is right up your alley, check out the Sunday Ciel High-Rise Flare leg jean from Bullet Blues. The extra light wash, high rise, and wide flare scream iconic 70s style, while the 99% cotton blend ensures maximum comfort and breathability.

Sunday Ciel high rise flare

Bullet Blues Sunday Ciel High Rise Flare Leg Jean

Joan Jett in the 80s

Joan Jett 2

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By the time the Runaways split in 1979 (after Joan Jett had been frontwoman of the group for 2 records), Jett had developed her iconic style to what we know it today, with a few important 80s touches, like the pins all over her buttery, worn-in leather jacket, the super tall platform boots, and, of course, the perfect pair of 80s jeans, now known as the boyfriend jean. This look isn’t too far off from what we would see in the years that brought us “Bad Reputation” and “I Love Rock n Roll.”

If the slouchy, relaxed fit of the 80s is more your thing, check out the Le Copain Reverie Boyfriend jean from Bullet Blues. The slouchy fit through the hips and thigh and the tapered rolled hem ensures a comfortable but flattering fit, while the super stretchy cotton blend ensures the perfect fit every time. Runaways tee and leather jacket not included!

le copain reverie

Bullet Blues Le Copain Reverie Boyfriend jean

Joan Jett Today

Joan Jett 1

Nowadays, Joan Jett isn’t just touring and performing with the Blackhearts (though recently she performed with the surviving members of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters), she’s producing albums, producing movies, and designing clothing, all while maintaining her iconic style, frequently rocking black on black looks with lots of leather accessories and silver jewelry. (Her hair is a bit sleeker, too!)

Looking to inject a bit of Joan Jett’s edge into your wardrobe? Try the Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean from Bullet Blues – the perfect wardrobe staple for any edgy Bullet Blues girl. The inky black wash brings a bit of edge to any outfit, while the stretchy cotton blend ensures the sleekest and sexiest fit every single wear.

chic parisien

Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean

What do you think? Are you a fan of Joan Jett? Who is your favorite style icon? How do you wear your Bullet Blues denim? Let us know in the comments below! 

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