Bullet Blues Rock Star Style Radar: Stevie Nicks

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Bullet Blues Rock Star Style Radar: Stevie Nicks

When those of us here at Bullet Blues are pinning pictures of our favorite style icons to our Pinterest boards, or daydreaming about that perfect 70s-boho witchy wardrobe, no style icon will do except the white witch herself, Stevie Nicks. Once dubbed the “reigning queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” by Rolling Stone magazine, Stevie Nicks is the singer and author of some of the most iconic rock songs of all time, such as “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Sara,” and “Landslide,” and a member of one of the most recognizable rock bands from the 70s – Fleetwood Mac.

When not known for loaning her iconic and full-throated voice to one of the most successful groups of all time, Stevie Nicks is well known across the world as a full-blown fashion icon. Nicks’ signature fashion statements include floaty black and white dresses, bell bottoms, piles of silver accessories, hats, and bold bangs – she’s the perfect icon for any Bullet Blues girl looking to inject their look with a little boho romance! Read on to learn how to style your favorite American-made designer denim from Bullet Blues like Nicks!

70s Boho Babe Bootcut Jeans

Stevie 1

The popularity of Fleedwood Mac in the late 70s had a huge influence on fashion of that era thanks in part to Stevie Nicks’ early flower-child inclinations. Many photos of Nicks’ from this era show her in high waist, bell-bottom jeans paired with floaty crop tops, flowers, turquoise jewelry, and platform sandals.

For an outfit similar to Stevie Nicks’ 70s era-looks, you’ll need the perfect pair of vintage wash jeans that won’t read dated – a giant 70s bell bottom just won’t do! Bullet Blues Bombshell Bleu Papillon Cowgirl Boot Cut jeans are perfect for this, with their soft vintage feel, light blue wash, and classic boot cut. These jeans pair perfectly with both 70s-inspired crop tops and the modern, draped tops of today. They’re the perfect, versatile jean for any Bullet Blues girl with an itch for that 70s style.

Bullet Blues Bombshell Bleu Papillon Cowgirl boot cut jeans

Witchy White Maxi Dress

Stevie 2

Stevie Nicks is well known for her elaborate costumes during her performances, which often include piano shawls, top hats, and beautiful, gossamer, crepe-y dresses. Though black came to be known as Nick’s signature color, she also often wore white, as she is wearing in the photo above.

For a similar casual beach-goddess look worthy of stunning on stage, you’ll need the perfect white maxi dress with boho details like ties and lace. Look no further than the Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress from Bullet Blues! Pair this beautiful dress with a perfect pair of wooden clogs, an armful of bracelets, and a jaunty hat for a look befitting a rock goddess or a California beach queen.

Bullet Blues Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress Made in USA

Floaty Black Maxi Skirt

Stevie on the set of AHS3

Though Stevie Nicks’ is known mostly as a singer, she has also made rare appearances in film and television. Most recently Nicks had a guest appearance as the white witch herself in the third season of American Horror Story,  in which she performed her song Seven Wonders. Stevie wore a variation of her uniform for her appearance – a floaty black dress, a velvet blazer, thigh boots, and silver jewelry – she fit right in with the titular coven of stylish young witches.

For a similar witchy-boho look, look no further than the Maryse Designer skirt 100% made in USA from Bullet Blues. For maximum witchiness, pair this perfectly tiered and ruffled black skirt with a slinky black crop top, a kimono cardigan, and a pair of pointy-toed boots for an edgy, earthy look that Stevie would definitely approve of.

Bullet Blues Maryse designer skirt 100% Made in USA


Curve-Hugging Black Jean

Stevie and Gaga

Nowadays, Stevie is relishing her status as the queen of rock and roll and rubbing shoulders with some of today’s most recognizable celebs, like Lady Gaga in the photo above. Stevie’s style is just as impeccable as ever, pairing stacks of silver necklaces with a flowy black dress, black pants, and sharp black booties.

No rock star’s wardrobe would be complete without the perfect pair of skinny black jeans – even Stevie, with her army of gypsy-inspired dresses, would agree! With it’s curve-hugging but flattering fit and cigarette leg, the Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean made in Los Angeles from Bullet Blues is perfect for any Bullet Blues girl, whether they aspire to be the next Stevie Nicks, or just look cute at the next Fleetwood Mac concert.

Bullet Blues Chic Parisien Skinny Cigarette jean made in USA


What do you think? Are you a fan of Stevie Nicks? How do you incorporate her style into yours? How do you wear your favorite American Made denim from Bullet Blues? Let us know in the comments below! 

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