Bullet Blues Rocks the Best Budget Fashion Made in America

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Bullet Blues Rocks the Best Budget Fashion Made in America

Rock Your American-Made Summer Style for Less 

In light of #Quarantine2020 and the ‘new normal’, when it comes to giving our closets a spring/summer clean, now is the time to choose the best budget fashion made in America. As COVID-19 continues to affect day to day life across the globe, the fashion world has seen many recent developments these past couple of months. Luxury brands and ecommerce retailers for instance are now focusing on new ways to support the fashion industry and regain solidarity amidst our new age of self isolation and social distancing.


Anna Wintour does Quarantine Chic at Home
Anna Wintour does ‘Quarantine Chic’ from the Comfort of her Home |
Image source: Guest of a Guest

But even during a global pandemic, it’s important to maintain a positive image and a sense of well-being. Something as simple as having control over how to shop safely, and how we choose to dress can help us regain some normality. Take US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour as a shining example of how to do quarantine chic the right way. However, you don’t need to be a world-famous fashion editor to project a confident appearance during self-isolation. This season, Bullet Blues has been paying close attention not only to the latest S/S20 fashion trends, but also observing how shoppers are hyper-focused on browsing their favorite fashion staples ‘virtually’, rather than heading to boutiques and high street retailers. And since we all want to stay safe, rightfully so. 

Supporting Local Trade in America during Lockdown 2020

Lockdown life has become a trend in its own right, which is why COVID-19 brings a whole new meaning to the idea of ‘fast fashion’ as we know it. There’s now a greater emphasis on the idea of ‘shop local, buy less and shop smarter’, and many fashionistas are already putting this into practice buying only the most essential items. Forget extravagant spending, when it comes to updating our wardrobes for the new season, it’s all about preserving your pocketbook while supporting local retailers and businesses across America

Bullet Blues Proudly Supports American Made
Bullet Blues Proudly Supports American Made

So if you’re on the hunt for a fabulous fashion bargain – without compromising on quality – not only are we currently offering an exclusive online discount so you can shop American-made clothing for less, Bullet Blues also has plenty of pieces to make budget-buying your favorite designer staples an absolute breeze! No excess spending required. 

Check out some of our cool and casual style basics, also known as the best budget fashion made in America…

Best Budget Fashion Made in America: Bright White Denim for Summer

For stylish ladies who love to get summer-ready on a budget, we have a fresh white jean that’ll grant you a super chic and polished look, just in time for the new season – and without breaking the bank. Our ‘Miami Chic’ cropped skinny jeans are made here in the USA, and they promise to elevate your day to evening look in a heartbeat. So whether your outfit is refined yet relaxed for indoor lounging, or you want a pair of modern white skinnies to brighten up your social distancing attire while running errands, this all-American cropped denim is delightful in every way. All the while offering a quarantine-friendly price tag to boot! Want more summer outfit inspo? Discover some of our other denim favorites for ladies, available now at Bullet Blues. 

Bullet Blues Miami Chic Cropped Skinny Jeans - Made in USA - Best Budget Fashion Made in America
Michelle rocks cute white denim for summer with Bullet Blues ‘Miami Chic’ Cropped Skinny Jeans – Made in USA

Style with Substance: Bullet Blues’ Button-Up Designer Shirts 

Gents, we stock an affordable range of American-made button-up shirts crafted from the finest premium cotton to help you stay cool and casual throughout your self-isolation endeavors. And if you favor a fresh blue hue for summer (who doesn’t, right?) This Chambray light blue shirt from Bullet Blues is sure to add classic notes of American masculinity to your new season style. Versatile, lightweight and effortlessly on-trend, our button-up designer Chambray shirt is a must-have menswear choice in terms of best budget fashion made in America. 

Bullet Blues Chambray Button Up Designer Shirt - Made in USA - Best Budget Fashion Made in America
Enjoy Blue Denim Days with Bullet Blues ‘Chambray’ Button-Up Designer Shirt and Jeans – Made in the USA

Show Your Loved Ones you Care and Shop American-Made Fashion

Because we’re all working together in harmony to make our dollars stretch a little further, it’s always important to choose high quality denim and apparel that’s made to last. In addition to the discounts, coupon codes and sale items available right now at Bullet Blues, we also have a selection of gift vouchers ready for you to treat your loved ones during those extra special occasions. Whether you’re birthday gift-shopping or simply want to spread some positive cheer throughout the era of quarantine, Bullet Blues gift vouchers are the perfect present for American-made fashion fanatics! Not only will you be able to bag the best budget fashion made in America, you’ll also be doing your bit to support the American economy throughout these unpredictable times we face.

So whether you want to indulge in a little of what you fancy without overspending, you’re shopping for budget-friendly gifts or simply need a new statement look to brighten up your summer wardrobe, remember to shop local, buy less and choose well with Bullet Blues. America appreciates your support!

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