Bullet Blues Summer Staple: Clothilde White Maxi Dress Made in USA

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Bullet Blues Summer Staple: Clothilde White Maxi Dress Made in USA

We take summer very seriously at Bullet Blues – especially our summer wardrobes – and there are some summer staples that we can’t imagine living without, like the perf white maxi dress! Whether we’re packing for a trip to a beach, a music festival in the middle of the city, or just visiting our best friend in the next town over for a weekend of rom-coms and mani-pedis, we always reach for a versatile and chic maxi dress so we can be ready for anything summer throws our way.

And just in time for summer, Bullet Blues is offering a brand new American made product that you’ll definitely want to stash in your summer wardrobe – the Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress, available in both black and white! Read on to learn all the chic ways you can style this brand-new Bullet Blues must-have this summer!

Edgy White Maxi Dress

edgy white maxi dress

Bag, jacket, nail polish, lipstick, sunnies, booties, ring, dress from Bullet Blues

To toughen up the sweet and airy Bullet Blues Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress, pair it with edgy leather accessories, like a studded moto jacket, mule-heeled booties, and a fringe-y bag. Mirrored blue sunnies add a modern rocker vibe to the white maxi-dress, while a claw shaped ring adds another spike of dark edge. Finish the look with a few coats of a trendy cobalt blue on your fingers and toes and a swipe of a sexy nude on your lips.

Colorful White Maxi Dress

colorful white maxi dress

Dress from Bullet Blues, scarf, lipstick, earrings, bag, flats, sunnies

The Bullet Blues Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress in white is the perfect canvas for all of your favorite bright colors this summer! To copy this colorful look, wrap a silk scarf in a trendy print (like watercolor prints or tie-dye prints) around your neck and pair with a set of drop earrings that pick up a color in the scarf, like the cobalt earrings featured here.

Grab your favorite bag that picks up another color in the scarf and slips on a pair of flats or sandals in another bright but unexpected color. Grab a pair of sunnies and a cute pink lipstick, and you have a perfect casual look to turn heads at a brunch on a busy patio!

Boho White Maxi Dress

boho white maxi dress

Sunnies, necklace, backpack, mascara, cuff, sandals, dress from Bullet Blues

White maxi dresses are a boho-chic staple and are easy to dress up with hip accessories, like turquoise studded cuffs and gladiator sandals. Pair your Bullet Blues Clothilde Designer Maxi Dress with strappy sandals with embroidered embellishments and a chic cognac leather backpack. A long pendant mirrors the length of the maxi-dress and helps to make you look taller and leaner, while a rough-stone cuff adds a glam, earthy touch. Finish the look with mascara and sunnies for an outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at the beach, an outdoor concert, or drinks out with friends!

What do you think? How would you style a white maxi dress? What is your favorite summer staple? What is the go-to item that you pack for every trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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