Bullet Blues: Why Do You Stray Away From Skinny Jeans?

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Bullet Blues: Why Do You Stray Away From Skinny Jeans?

So you stray away from skinny jeans? You say that they just won’t look good on you,  your body type doesn’t mesh well and  in order to pull off a pair you have to be tall and thin. This is a myth ladies. Here at Bullet Blues our skinny jeans cater to all shapes and sizes.

Our Doll Charbon Grey Skinny Jeans and our Doll Vert Green Skinny Jeans have a high front rise that tucks and protects your tummy. They fit perfectly from that high front rise all the way down to your ankles. The fabric we use, a mix of soft cotton and stretchy elasterell, ensures a great fit.

Pretty and trendy Ana Bogusky from Mrs. American Made rocks her petite frame perfectly in our Doll Vert Green Skinny Jeans. The great thing about Ana’s blog is that she features American Made clothing which we love and support because Bullet Blues Jeans are 100% made in the USA.

Bullet Blues Vert Green Skinny Jean Mrs. American Made rocking Bullet Blues Doll Charbon Skinny Jeans

On our Polyvore page we created a set featuring our Doll Charbon Grey Skinny Jeans for a Polyvore hosted contest called Get a Graphic Sweatshirt. The great thing about our skinnies is you can wear them with practically anything. We love this shade of grey because it’s typically used as a base color which flatters every body shape.

Bullet Blues Skinny Doll
Rag bone black sweat shirt / Rag bone black pullover / Bullet Blues Doll Charbon / Rag & bone real leather shoes / Rag bone chain shoulder bag

In the end skinny jeans should never feel like a one size fits most. You just need to find the perfect pair and rock them with confidence. Step out of your comfort zone and slip into a pair of Bullet Blues Skinny Jeans. You never know, you may just find your new comfort zone inside of them.

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