Calling All Creative Bullet Blues Fans: Show off your Passion!

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Calling All Creative Bullet Blues Fans: Show off your Passion!

 Junél de Beer - Young teen Bullet Blues' Fan from Cape Town

Junél de Beer – Young teen Bullet Blues’ Fan from Cape Town

 Junél de Beer is an aspiring teen model from Cape Town, South Africa, and a Bullet Blues’ Fan.

Here at Bullet Blues, we value creativity – we’re a creative team of designers, artists, and writers, after all – and we’re constantly looking for the next new thing, whether that’s a hot new artist, a moving novel, or a song that makes us want to get up and dance. One day it hit us – style and creativity are so closely intertwined that our fans and supporters must be creative people, so why not give back to those who support us by supporting their creative pursuits, too?

So, we have great news for all our Bullet Blues lads and ladies – if you’re a Bullet Blues fan with a creative passion, we want to hear from you! Whether you’re a country music singer like our Bullet Blues girl Sheila Marshall, a horseback rider like Bullet Blues fan Randi Ann Rima, a young aspiring model like Junel or anything in between, here at Bullet Blues we want to show how special and creative our fans are! If your  medium is dance, poetry, painting, rap, fashion design, or anything remotely creative- we want to know about it, and we want to give you a platform for your creative endeavors!


Rodeo Queen Randi Ann Rima shows off her horseback riding and modeling talents as she kicks off this new opportunity from Bullet Blues!

How to Enter

The rules are simple – send a picture of you wearing your favorite Bullet Blues gear and tell us all about where your creativity takes you! We want to hear all about your Etsy store, your dance crew, your A Capella group. In return, your story and pictures will be featured on our official Bullet Blues website and all of Bullet Blues social media channels. It’s free publicity for you just for doing what you love – talking about your creative projects and wearing Bullet Blues! Just send your pictures to with an explanation of your creative project or talent, along with links to any websites, social media, or shops you would like us to feature. For more information on how to enter, click here and here.

What are you waiting for?

Put on your favorite American made designer denim from Bullet Blues, snap a pic, and let us tell the world about how wonderful you and your creative project are!

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