Celeb Style with Bullet Blues: American Made White Maxi Skirt

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Celeb Style with Bullet Blues: American Made White Maxi Skirt

Sometimes, when summer rolls around and the temps are just too much to bear, it can be hard to put together cute outfits that won’t make you want to die. Bullet Blues is here to help. Enter your new favorite breezy summer staple: the white maxi skirt.

Here at Bullet Blues, we are all about that denim, but we’re ladies, after all – sometimes only a skirt will do! That’s why we also sell the cutest, girliest, floatiest American made white maxi skirt a Bullet Blues girl could ask for – the Maryse designer skirt. Read on to learn how to style this closet staple for the summer like your favorite Hollywood fashion icons!

Jamie Chung’s Cute White Maxi Skirt


jamie chung

Skirt from Bullet Blues, denim jacket, top, boots, nail polish, eyeliner, bag

Once Upon a Time actress Jamie Chung has an enviable but accessible style that any Bullet Blues girl could pull off this summer. With it’s monochromatic palette, modest but modern silhouettes, and playful textures, this flirty and feminine look is perfect for a daytime date with your summer fling or a weekend spend exploring a nearby city.

Start with a flattering and drapey white maxi skirt, like Bullet Blues’ Maryse Designer skirt, then pair it with a classic black and white striped tee. Add some classic but modern patent leather accessories, like a structured tote and cutout booties, for a modern and slightly edgy touch. Then throw on a cute but unexpected black denim jacket. Finish the look with a kitten eye and a few coats of white nail polish on your fingers.

Vanessa Hudgen’s Sexy White Maxi Skirt


vanessa hudgens white skirt

Nail polish, necklace, top, hat, sunnies, sandals, bag, skirt from Bullet Blues

Sucker Punch and Spring Breakers actress Vanessa Hudgens is the master of casual boho, and a peek into her daytime wardrobe would do any Bullet Blues girl some good, especially for the summer! Hudgens’ take on the white maxi skirt is effortless, free-spirited, and a little sexy – perfect for those blistering hot days in July when all you want to wear is a tank and cut-offs!

Start with  Bullet Blues’ Maryse Designer skirt and a floral black crop top, which will give your look a little bit of sweetness and grungy edge. Then pile on boho accessories like a horn necklace, a fringed handbag, a floppy sun hat, and birkenstock sandals. A few coats of an eye-catching orange polish on your nails for a splash of color, and you’re ready for that outdoor concert or your cool coworker’s barbecue!

Olivia Palermo’s Modern White Maxi Skirt


olivia palermo white skirt

Skirt from Bullet Blues, top, sunnies, belt, watch, sandals

NYC Entrepreneur, model, and socialite Olivia Palermo has a wardrobe that would make even Blair Waldorf blush with envy! Palermo somehow seems to look more put together walking her dog than most of us do on our wedding day.

For this modern and trendy look that would be perfect for a casual day in even the most sweltering office, wear your Bullet Blues’ Maryse Designer skirt with a drappy yet structured white tee. Then add polished accessories like a rose-gold watch, a white snakeskin belt, and clear sun glasses. Cognac wedge sandals may seem a little too casual for the office, swap out a pair of pointy-toed white heels.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these looks? Who is your favorite stylish celeb? What do you reach for when the heat gets crazy in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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