Celebrate Independence Day 2020 in Quarantine with Bullet Blues

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Celebrate Independence Day 2020 in Quarantine with Bullet Blues

Summer Social Distancing Has Never Looked so Patriotic

The Fourth of July has almost arrived, and here at Bullet Blues we’re all set to celebrate Independence Day 2020 in style! Although the COVID-19 pandemic may continue for a while longer, we’re here to help spark positivity and inspire you to create your most memorable 4th of July celebrations yet. After all, Independence Day means coming together to honor America’s biggest national holiday with good wholesome food, fun, and of course, enjoying plenty of special moments with family and friends. 

This year’s celebrations might look a little different to what we’re used to, but rest assured that you and your family won’t miss out on the fun this summer. The following tips and tricks are sure to inspire your patriotic party at home – complete with all things red, white and blue…

Get Creative with Your Fourth of July Decor

This weekend may be your first Independence Day not attending your local firework parade, but there are still endless ways to make this much-loved historic holiday a winner from the comfort of home. And this starts with a few simple decorative additions. You don’t have to splash out on expensive decor to add some Fourth of July flair either. All it takes is a dash of creativity and effort and you’ll quickly start to see your party-planning take shape. So because fireworks are out this year, why not try your hand at arts and crafts and do-it-yourself with these red, white and blue display decorations and centerpieces instead? 

Invite Your Nearest and Dearest to a Backyard BBQ 

If there’s one thing the Fourth of July should have no shortage of, it’s wholesome American food. From fuss-free appetizers like cupcakes and fruit kebabs on sticks to cookout staples like hot dogs, burgers, wings, corn cobs and potato salad, everyone has their favorite. And after dinner, why not finish off with some delicious cocktail recipes, milkshakes, popsicles and all-American desserts – yum!  

So whether you’re hosting a rustic backyard BBQ complete with all the traditional trimmings, or you’re planning a spread of patriotic-themed dishes for your quarantine household, check out these simple but tasty feast ideas to help you prepare your holiday menu like a pro. After all, food that’s home-made with love always tastes the best, right? 

Plan a List of Fun Activities to Help Celebrate Independence Day 2020  

When it comes to party-planning activities that are quarantine-friendly, it’s important to stay safe but still make sure everybody is enjoying themselves. Whether it’s indoor activities like movies, storybooks and board games, or outdoor entertainment such as a family game of baseball or paddling pool fun for the kids, a little imagination goes a long way – especially when practicing safe social distancing measures. If you’re feeling especially adventurous and want to involve each member of your quarantine party, you could even host a talent show consisting of speeches, performances and musical numbers relevant to Independence Day. Hours of fun guaranteed! 

Dress Stylish and Summer-Ready with Bullet Blues’ White Maxi Dress – Made in the USA

The main rule of thumb when dressing for this patriotic holiday is to ensure we get into the Fourth of July spirit and wear something red, white and blue. Ladies, of course you can dress in head-to-toe American flag colors for the ultimate festive effect, but if you’re looking to lend a more subtle approach to your styling options, here at Bullet Blues we stock a fabulous range of American-made dresses to help you look the part. Take our ‘Clothilde’ western maxi dress in white for instance. This all-American gown is ideal for an at-home family gathering, while also adhering to a fresh white theme just perfect for summer. Simply add hints of red and blue to your look with a slick coat of red lipstick and a glossy stars and stripes manicure, or perhaps style your gorgeous white maxi gown with a colorful leather belt and matching footwear. So long as you rock these three colors somewhere in your outfit, you’ll be guaranteed to collect compliments on your fashion efforts when it’s party time.  


However you’re planning to celebrate Independence Day 2020, we hope you and your loved ones can make the most of your at-home festivities this year. Stay safe and enjoy this special holiday!  


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