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Celebrity style: Tim McGraw and super simple man style

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw - Bullet Blues' fashion tips with American made jeans and shirts

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw: Confidence is sexy. If you are a T-shirt-man, then commit. Just make sure the T-shirts are clean, new and without holes. Take a look at this Bullet Blues’ ‘Life is a Fun Ride’ T-shirt.

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw: Super simple man style

Is there anything sexier than a man who feels comfortable in his own skin? Sometimes it takes years to get to the place where you know what works and doesn’t work. It is not too difficult to get a comfortable Celebrity Style Tim McGraw. This applies to life as much as it does to the clothes we wear. After nearly three decades in the public eye, country music singer Tim McGraw has learned how to look good. And, we mean GOOD. Learn more about McGraw’s sexy style at InStyle.com

Put that man, who knows himself, into a simple T-shirt with a quality pair of Bullet Blues’ American-made jeans and you have a recipe for sex appeal.
Let’s break down Tim McGraw’s look, so you can repeat his formula using Bullet Blues’ designer clothing.

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw - Bullet Blues' fashion tips

Tim McGraw has mastered the art of looking cool and casual. He uses a combo of T-shirts, button downs and jeans. Recreate the look using American-made pieces from Bullet Blues. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw: Easy style

Look back at Tim McGraw’s early style from the 1990s. You don’t see a guy who really knew what worked. He was all over the place trying different styles.
Now, he’s over 50, and he’s mastered his look down to a few basic pieces.

  • Well-made, good-fitting jeans in different washes
  • Variety of T-shirts (no holes)
  • Button-down shirts in plain and plaid
  • Belt with different buckles

Even if you don’t have the patience to read GQ Magazine, any man can follow McGraw’s simple style formula for an amazing Celebrity Style Tim McGraw. Like his wife, Faith Hill, McGraw has created a simple, sexy look over the past several decades. Read more about Tim McGraw’s style at StyleBistro.com

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw - Bullet Blues "Patton" button-shirt Made in USA

A plaid button-down is a staple in every man’s closet. Wear it with a T-shirt or without. Try this American-made ‘Patton November Button-Up’ from Bullet Blues.

Don’t look like you spent hours in front of the mirror

Without looking like he put enormous effort into his outfit, McGraw still looks put together, sexy and mature. He is a great example to all those men out there, who don’t want to invest valuable time into how they dress.

Celebrity Style Tim McGraw - Bullet Blues fashion tips

Simple and cool is Tim McGraw’s style motto. You can’t get cooler than a white Tee-shirt and button-down. Add the cowboy hat if you dare. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

For an easy Celebrity Style Tim McGraw, find a good-fitting, quality pair of jeans like Bullet Blues’ American-made “Cowboy Azurin Classic Boot-cuts.” Add an American-made Bullet Blues’ belt and switch up the buckle as the mood hits. Grab your Bullet Blues’ “Life is a Fun Ride” American-made T-shirt. Because fall is coming, throw on a Bullet Blues’ “American-made Patton November Button-Up” to take the chill away.

That’s it. Simple, right?
McGraw rotates this same formula using different jeans, belt buckles, tees and button downs.
Using this formula, any man, young or old, can create a simple, go-to style of his own.

And, as always, lost the consumer guilt and buy American-made designer clothes from Bullet Blues.

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