Choosing The Best Mens Jeans: Comfort, durability, quality

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Choosing the best mens jeans: Comfort, durability, quality

best mens jeans by Bullet Blues - Made in USA

Relaxed, comfortable and sexy? Look to Bullet Blues Comfort Plus Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Designer Jeans, made in the U.S.A. for Best Mens Jeans.

Shopping For Men’s Designer Jeans

While women will endure high heels that could double as torture devices, men want comfort.

In fact, according to a 2017 article, men consider these top three things when jeans shopping: Comfort, durability, quality.

For this post, Bullet Blues considers what to shop for when it’s time to replace that worn pair. Specifically, we will see if our Bullet Blues’ Comfort Plus Men’s Jeans measure up in the areas of comfort, durability and quality. For more buying tips, read this Men’s Journal article titled, “Your guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans.”

best mens jeans by Bullet Blues - Made in USA

Feeling comfortable is a mainstay for most men. Bullet Blues kept this in mind when designing the Bullet Blues’ Comfort Plus Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans, made in the U.S.A.


In the article, 64 percent of men cited comfort as their number one selling factor with jeans.

As a result, Bullet Blues considers what makes a comfortable pair of men’s jeans.

  • Relaxed fit with soft denim. Most men aren’t interested in the boy band skinnies. In addition, men simply want a pair of comfortable jeans made from a soft denim for a great pair of mens best jeans.

As an added bonus, Bullet Blues’ Comfort Plus Men’s Jeans are made from 100-percent American denim and constructed in California. This super-soft denim comes in a straight leg in “Mystic Blue” or black. But, don’t take our word alone. A Bullet Blues’ customer posted this review online after purchasing our men’s jeans.

“Feels and looks great,” posted one satisfied customer after purchasing “Sauvage” Men’s Relaxed Fit BootCut Indigo Designer Jeans, Made in the U.S.A.


  • Bullet Blues uses selvedge denim woven in North Carolina. This American-made denim is known around the world as some of the best denim anywhere. The reason this denim gets so much positive attention has to do with its durability. Selvedge denim won’t fray, meaning you, the consumer, can count on your jeans lasting longer than the next five minutes. Therefore, look no further than our American-made men’s designer jeans for durability.
best mens jeans by Bullet Blues - Made in America

Find comfort, durability and quality with Bullet Blues’ designer jeans, made in the U.S.A.


  • When considering quality, consumer reviews are your best guide. Take a look at what people are saying about the product you are considering. Reviews of Bullet Blues’ designer jeans consistently include the words, “High quality.”

“One of the best pair of jeans I have ever purchased,” said a customer after purchasing a pair of Bullet Blues’ Cowboy Azurin-distressed Classic Bootcut Men’s Jeans, made in America.

“Awesome jeans made in the great U.S.A.,” said a Bullet Blues’ customer after purchasing Bullet Blues’ Cowboy Azurin-distressed Classic Bootcut Men’s Jeans, made in America.

For more on Bullet Blues’ consumer reviews, read our blog post, “Read Bullet Blues’ reviews and buy with confidence.”

Drop the consumer guilt and buy American-made products like Bullet Blues’ men’s designer jeans.

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