Christmas and Israel reunite thanks to bold, American actions, Pr. Trump

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Christmas and Israel reunite thanks to bold, American actions

Christmas and Israel - Bullet Blues' blog

Christmas and Israel are officially reunited thanks to President Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Photo courtesy of

U.S. Embassy moves to Jerusalem

Christmas and Israel go way back. More than 3,000 years ago, King David made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. And, thanks to President Donald J. Trump, the world is looking at Jerusalem as Israel’s capital once again.

After years of violence, broken promises and frustrating political agendas, Christmas and Israel are, again, officially reunited in the eyes of the American people. And, Bullet Blues is thrilled Christmas and Israel are back on the same page. The action is bold, overdue and makes common sense.

This holiday season, many Christian Americans and American Jews celebrate the historic decision by President Trump to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The move acknowledges Jerusalem as the country’s capital.

Furthermore, the President made good on this campaign promise with the May 14, 2018 move.

The date is significant, because it marks the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Christmas and Israel - Bullet Blues

Christmas and Israel – Bold, common sense decisions like President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem are what makes this country great. Much like buying Bullet Blues Authentic American Made Blue Jeans.

Bold move by Trump

The decision was particularly bold when you consider the last three presidents have placed the issue on the shelf to collect dust. Read the details of this historic decision in the National Review’s May 15, 2018 article titled, “Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Triumph,” by Rich Lowry.

Nov. 8, 1995 the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Furthermore, the act named Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Also, in addition, the act set funds for a new embassy in the city.

President Clinton, along with Bush and Obama, however, waived any action on the embassy move. Because of the controversy surrounding Israel and other tensions in the area, other politicians worldwide continue to step away from taking official action.

In addition, the embassy move means the United States is finally taking action by acknowledging Jerusalem as capital. This is seen as a declaration to the world. President Trump is hoping other countries will follow suit.

Christmas and Israel by Bullet Blues

Christmas and Israel – Christian Americans are celebrating this season as Jerusalem enjoys U.S. acknowledgement as Israeli capital. Photo courtesy of the Jerusalem Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau (

Moving Forward

According to a May, 2018 Washington Post opinion piece written by Naftali Bennett, Israel’s minister of education and minister of diaspora affairs, Guatemala and Paraguay have also moved embassies to Jerusalem. Read more of Bennett’s thoughts in this article titled, “Don’t think the U.S. Embassy belongs in Jerusalem? Get over it.”

Finally, Jerusalem is forever a Holy Place for Christians. For a thoughtful explanation of Jerusalem’s importance to different religions, read “What makes Jerusalem so Holy,” by BBC’s Erica Chernofsky.

American Christians celebrate this holiday season knowing Christmas and Israel are once again officially connected.

Christmas and Israel by Bullet Blues

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