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American Made Colored pants: Easy Outfit Ideas

Bullet Blues American made colored pants

Colorblocking with Bullet Blues’ American made eggplant skinnies is a hit with a simple black top.

Create easy spring outfits with colored pants

As spring peaks round the corner, use colored pants to add spring color to your outfits. American made colored pants are a terrific way to add a burst of spring color after months of winter blah. Colored pants also offer flexibility if you work in a stricter work environment.

Wearing colored denim to work can be work-appropriate, even when blue jeans aren’t considered professional. Colored denim is also great going from work to an evening out when paired with a few accessories and spring outfit ideas from the pros. For more tips on dressing up your denim, visit

Wear colored pants this spring

  1. If your nervous about putting colored pants with bright patterns or textures, keep it simple. Simple never fails. Go bright with your denim but keep your top and shoes less flashy. A crisp, white button-down and black ballerina flats create a perfect, classic look. If you want to go a little bolder, add some flats with a pattern like a cheetah print.
  2. If you decide to wear a busy pattern on top, make sure the color of your pants is found within the pattern.
  3. Use your colored jeans to colorblock (pairing solid colors). Go with solid bold colors on top and bottom, then add pattern and shine with your shoes. A bold pink denim on bottom with a solid black cardigan top and gold hoops and gold flats will make the pink and black “pop.
  4. Dress up your denim with a cotton blazer. A black blazer is a great tool for any closet and offers some drama and sophistication to a colored pants’ outfit.
  5. Nude wedges will match any colored jean and fit nicely with a spring vibe. Plus, wedges will add a few inches for shorter body types wearing skinnies.

Make Spring 2018 the season you try something new with colored pants. Even if you are shy about using bright color in your outfits, colored jeans can easily look chic and sophisticated with a little country western thrown in. Take a look at this Bullet Blues blog post for more ideas.

Add a smile to your outfit when you lose the consumer guilt and buy quality clothing from American-made blue jeans’ maker Bullet Blues.

Bullet Blues Lady Slim - High-Waist Eggplant Skinny Jeans - Made in USA

Bullet Blues Lady Slim – High-Waist Eggplant Skinny Jeans – Made in USA



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