Trending Now: Cool On Campus with American Made College Denim

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Trending Now: Cool On Campus with American Made College Denim

Get the Freshman Look: Why College Denim is Cool for School

Whether you’re a hipster or jock, a grunge goddess or part of the trendiest clique on campus, one thing’s for certain: American made college denim is far from your average style statement. For the vast majority of freshmen and sophomores, denim pieces are an absolute wardrobe necessity.

Clueless 90s Style - Bullet Blues

College would never be cool without these 90’s throwbacks #Clueless. Image Source: Hunger TV

Big school is an exciting time for Americans. Here in the land of opportunity, soaking up knowledge on our fave subjects goes hand in hand with enjoying the fruits of a happening student lifestyle. Parties and punch anyone? You might be just starting out in your first semester, or perhaps you’ve completed freshman year and got the tee to show for it. Either way, it’s safe to say that college is full of excitement and extracurricular activities where you’ll have plenty of time to make new friends (and show off your style cred in the process!)

Bullet Blues LIFE IS A FUN RIDE Designer T-Shirt Made in USA - American made college denim

As a US student, the start of your new semester signals plenty of socializing, library meet-ups, and group shopping trips to look forward to. It’s also likely you’ll be rubbing shoulders with an eclectic bunch of cool dudes and gals in different social circles, not to mention the sheer amount of dorm party invites you’ll receive.

With so many social engagements to plan outfits around, we’ve got your denim basics covered. Stock your autumn wardrobe with these American made college denim staples – no back to school blues allowed, just stylish Bullet Blues separates

American Made College Denim: From Class to Cafe

Whether you’re a sorority sister, rocker queen or geek chic is more your thing, it’s important to stay true to your style roots. For ladies who never leave the dorm room without a slick of lipstick and a pedicure to match, Bullet Blues ‘Lady Slim’ eggplant skinnies are your slinky best friend. Pair with our hot pink ‘Jocelyne’ top for a polished ladies-lunching look that will instantly brighten up your campus.






Rocker gals, rejoice! If you’re the get up and go type who can’t function without her morning pumpkin spice latte, you’ll need a pair of super stylish skinnies to showcase edgy realness – in and out of the classroom. Borrow from the boys by layering your fave band tee underneath a slouchy chambray shirt. This is American made college denim done right, with lashings of casual cool thrown in for good measure.


The Guy’s Guide: Fraternity Parties and Nights Out

Gents, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. The social scene is a big deal for guys who love to look the part at every opportune moment. Autumn is all about style meets comfort, so here at Bullet Blues, we’ve made sure you’ve got some key pieces to freshen up your day to night wardrobe.

Be the perfect gentleman for your date any night of the week in these midnight blue skinny jeans. If there’s one denim finish that says “Made in America”, it’s our “Uptown” dark wash jean. Team with navy Derby shoes and a muscle car tee for a playful touch. But more importantly, for a look that your date won’t be able to resist.

Frat boys and athletic guys, statement black skinnies are your go-to jean staple. Bullet Blues’ ‘Uptown’ tapered leg skinny jeans are stylish, functional and built to last – so you can’t go wrong no matter what occasion is on your social calendar. Rock this trendy designer pair to your next party and you’ll soon be elected as team captain.

There’s no one-size-fits-all outfit to wear for school. But if you know which colors, cuts and details fit your style tribe down to a T, investing in a few American made college denim picks could be the best decision you make this semester.

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