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Designer Denim, We Salute You!

Everything we’ve learned about denim today stems from an earlier decade in fashion. That being said, you only have to take a look at some of the highlights from the Spring/Summer ’15 runway shows to see how some of the world’s greatest designers have reinvented denim in a new light.

Here at Bullet Blues we can’t resist a glamorous fashion event or two, especially when it comes to seeing what trends we’re going to be coveting next spring. Even though not all high fashion is strictly wearable, we were impressed by how designers like Burberry, Gucci and Joseph incorporated denim wear into their latest collections.

Gucci SS15 - Bullet Blues

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In particular, Gucci’s psychedelic denim and suede combinations gave a strong nod to 1970s hippie culture. A sure-fire winning collection to kick off this year’s Milan Fashion Week event, Gucci presented spring ensembles which Jimi Hendrix himself would have been proud of. Note how the colors blend vibrant and neutral shades, and silhouettes clearly had a relaxed hippie vibe. If you’re fond of those 1970s denim flares, you’re going to need a pair that will last you a lifetime. At Bullet Blues, all of our designer denim jeans are handmade locally in the USA, and they’re not made in your run-of-the-mill sweatshop. To pay homage to Gucci’s laid-back 70s flares, why not go for something with a boot-cut style like our Bullet Blues Babe Jour Jeans. Built to last and designed to show off your curves, this is denim wear at its very best. Or if you prefer flares with a lighter finish, our Bullet Blues Sunday Ciel Jeans portray ‘L.A. cool’ instantly.

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Burberry also had some standout designer denim pieces to offer at London Fashion Week – pieces that will certainly be on our wish list for spring time next year. A denim trench coat, cropped denim jackets, and fitted denim jackets all had embellished PVC accents and tulle waist ties to serve an entirely new take on the romanticism trend.

Burberry SS15 - Bullet Blues

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Finally, British designer brand Joseph was also featured in this year’s London Fashion Week line-up. Let us mention how much we adored their denim-on-denim looks, including the oversized jeans paired with flatform sandals. Again, a definite 1970s theme going on here, only this time the sports-luxe trend was worked into the mix. Trendy and casual, it doesn’t get better than that!

Joseph SS15 - Bullet Blues

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What’s even more fitting is the fact that America celebrates its International Day of Peace this Sunday, on the 21st September. So if ever there was a time that’s more relevant to be able to channel your inner hippie, this would be it! Whether you’re planning on spending the day listening to 1970s vinyl records, kicking back in your favorite café, or lighting some scented candles just to get some well deserved peace and quiet, make sure you’re wearing denim.

Take note of the above runway looks and wear head-to-toe denim, or choose pieces you can customize yourself. We’d like to thank the designers from this year’s fruitful selection of fashion weeks for inspiring us, just in time for the International Day of Peace.

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