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Essential Wardrobe Addition: Colored Denim

Color says a lot about people’s tastes, and at Bullet Blues we believe in this statement, especially when it comes to denim trends. One of the most versatile jean types on the denim market today is the colored skinny. Whether you’re wearing them in bold, block colors or subtle accents, every front-row fashionista needs to own a pair of colored skinny jeans.

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For centuries colors have represented the psychology behind our moods, so it would only remain a matter of time before fashion departments got the memo about transforming everyday wardrobe pieces into colourful works of art. In total there are 7 colors of the rainbow spectrum, which is more than enough for fashion designers and retailers to observe when they create one-of-a-kind collections.

Colored jeans are worn differently depending on a number of factors including; body shapes, color preferences, as well as different fashion influences derived from tribes like punk rockers, mods and rockabilly followers. That’s the beauty about injecting a little paint into your denim wear – you can choose to wear jeans in a way that emulates your personality in a fun and imaginative way.


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Band patches, fabric swatches and zippers are ideal additions if you’re looking to customize your favorite pair of skinnies, and we have just the pair for you to get ‘arts and crafty’ with. Our Bullet Blues ‘Doll Charbon’ designer jeans are every rock chic’s dream pair of colored skinnies. Not only is the charcoal gray color a winner for fall, but you can also use this pair as a canvas should you decide you want to add embellishments here and there. This particular style goes all the way down to the ankle so can be folded up, tucked into boots or left long depending on your look that day.

In terms of trend reports for every new season, there is a lot of thought that goes into the sourcing and dying process behind colored denim. Designers and retailers will typically visit various suppliers and wholesalers in many different countries before any final product decisions can be made. Taking samples, comparing and contrasting these and then conjuring up fresh ideas for new jean lines is all part of the process.

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Skinny jeans are timeless in that they are still a firm fashion favorite, today and for decades to come no doubt. In a modern woman’s world it’s colored denim that can make all the difference between a plain outfit and a unique outfit. Jeans are versatile garments as they can be worn for casual dates or they can be dressed up to suit a fancy occasion.

Sometimes shopping for colored denim can actually feel like quite a daunting task if you’ve never ventured out of that ‘blue’ comfort zone before. Although these days there are endless washes and finishes associated with blue denim, it’s important to understand that there are colored variations as well if you feel like stepping out in something different this fall.

Bullet Blues Colored Skinnies

Find Bullet Blues’ colorful range of designer jeans here.

At Bullet Blues, all of our colored denim skinnies are accessible to any age group, and you can choose from charcoal gray, olive green or white.

When it comes to picking the right skinny jeans for you every factor should be taken into consideration when you’re shopping, from the cut of the jeans, to which shades will flatter your body shape.

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