Sunday flare leg jeans made in USA

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Sunday flare leg jeans made in USA

Bullet Blues Sunday jeans

Are you on Polyvore? Join the Bullet Blues group, Style is Eternal and enter our contest for a great giveaway! You could win a pair of Bullet Blues Sunday jeans. Made in the USA of American materials.

Our Sunday jeans are a beautiful sky blue color (we call it Ciel) and they have a flattering flare leg. They’re comfortable and made in Los Angeles of premium American denim.

Bullet Blues

Did you know that flare leg jeans  began as part of the American naval uniform, and date back all the way to the 19th century? Their flares were more for function than fashion– the wider leg made it easier for the sailors to take off their boots. Of course, the 60s and 70s were the heyday of flare leg jeans, and now the style is back, thanks in part to trendsetting stylist Rachel Zoe. We love the Bullet Blues Sunday jeans, and we know you will too.

Don’t forget to join our group, and enter the contest–the winner will receive a pair of these awesome made in USA flare leg jeans.

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