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Grunge Revival with Bullet Blues – Made in USA

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It’s true what they say – fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go like the seasons; chances are, if you love those platform sandals, but they’re out of fashion this year, they’ll be the “it” shoe in five years or so. And this year is no different – no trend has been hotter than the 90s grunge revival.

Just look at the recent looks of our favorite celeb tastemakers like as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kylie Jenner. Since the summer of 2014, they’ve been rocking combat boots, flannel, and floral crop tops like it’s 1992. Whether you rocked this look way back in the 90s or you weren’t even alive when Kurt Cobain died, any Bullet Blues girl can rock the 90s grunge look with a few red accessories. Read on to learn how!

 Youthful Grunge

grunge outfit 1

Brow gel, bag, top, jacket, combat boots, beanie, jeans from Bullet Blues

Whether you’re 17 or 47, floral patterns lend an air of youthfulness and free-spiritedness to any look. For this youthful grunge look, pair your super-flattering Bullet Blues Fox Ciel Skinny Jeans made in USA with a cute floral crop top, then add a sweet pair of floral combat boots. If you’re self-conscious about your waist (it’s okay girl, we’ve all be there), cover up with an oversized army jacket.

Add some trendy, of-the-moment accessories, like this adorable BAE beanie and a classy cognac bucket bag, and fill in your brows for a final youthful touch.

Romantic Grunge

grunge outfit 2

Dress from Bullet Blues, kimono, tights, bag, eyeliner, choker, combat boots

For a classy grunge look perfect for a casual date or an outdoor concert, pair a slinky black dress, like Bullet Blues Mathilde Little Black Dress, with a duster-length kimono with a romantic, dusty-rose motif.

Add grunge staple accessories, like a choker necklace, ripped tights, and combat boots, which add sexy elements to your outfit. Finish with a smudge of gel-based eyeliner, grab your trendy fringed bag, and you’re ready to run out the door!

Edgy Grunge

grunge outfit 3Slip, leather jacket, clutch, lipstick, tights, booties, men’s shirt from Bullet Blues

For an edgy grunge look a la our bae Rihanna, throw a lacy slip dress on over garter-inspired tights and sleek patent-leather platform boots. Add a men’s shirt, like Bullet Blues Amber Flame Button-Up Shirt, either underneath a studded leather jacket for a cool layered look, or around your waist for an expert-level grunge look. Finish this sexy going-out look with a leopard print clutch and a dark lippy for an extra wicked look.

What do you think? Are you a fan of grunge revival? Would you wear any of these looks? Do you wish this look had stayed in the 90s? Let us know in the comments below!

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