Halloween's Hidden Secrets and Creative Ways to Celebrate

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Halloween’s hidden secrets and creative ways to celebrate

Halloween's Hidden Secrets - Bullet Blues

Celebrate the creativity your children bring to Halloween. Homemade costumes offer time with parents, ways to use imagination and a ton of fun. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Halloween’s Hidden Secret from Bullet Blues’ Blog.

Halloween’s hidden secrets and how to celebrate

Many Christians struggle with Halloween’s hidden secrets. Bullet Blues understands and has some ideas to make the holiday work for you.

The Bible warns against experimenting with the occult in Deuteronomy, Leviticus and more. Furthermore, horror movies alone should give pause to any Christian parent.

However, anyone with kids will tell you, the call of candy, princess costumes and parties are hard to deny. Most schools have Halloween celebrations, making a total boycott difficult. If it makes you feel better, remember the holiday has some roots in November’s “All Saints Day,” which celebrates religious freedoms.

Also, how do you share your Christian values with your children and celebrate? The Rev. Billy Graham and the folks at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have some suggestions. Read this article for more creative ways to celebrate a Christian Halloween.

Most importantly, don’t allow your children to put pressure on you to celebrate Halloween a certain way. Generally speaking, as parents, it’s important to make the day about your family and your values.

If it’s comfortable for your family to celebrate Halloween without any editing, enjoy. Additionally, some Christians argue boycotting “All Hallow’s Eve” gives Satan too much credit. Read this article at ChristianityToday.com for an argument supporting Halloween as a fun tradition, as opposed to satanic worship.

Halloween's Hidden Secrets - Bullet Blue's Halloween's blog

Autumn is a terrific time to get creative and to forget about Halloween’s hidden secrets. Consider small projects like the above for fun ways to enjoy the season. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Five ways to celebrate Halloween as a Christian and to forget Halloween’s hidden secrets

  1. Rename the holiday “Fall Festival” in your home. Have a party celebrating autumn with candy, pumpkins, popcorn, apples, games and even non-violent costumes instead focusing on Halloween’s hidden secrets.
  2. Celebrate creativity. Halloween costumes allow children to use their creativity and imagination. Maybe set guidelines refraining from violent costumes. Dressing up as a scientist, doctor or princess means your children are exercising their imaginations. Encourage children to create homemade costumes. Once complete, lavish praise on the creations.
  3. Focus on the benign parts of the holiday. For example, create wreaths made of colorful Maple leaves. Carve pumpkins. In addition, make fall desserts like pumpkin-shaped cookies, with your children.
  4. Turn October into a month of autumn crafts. For instance, each weekend, take an afternoon and create one fall craft with your children. Look at this Woman’s Day article titled, “24 Festive Fall Crafts that Make Decorating for Autumn Easy.”
  5. Use Halloween as a precursor to Thanksgiving. Focus on using the month of October to get a jump on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Create decorations for Thanksgiving. Start planning gifts and decorations. As a matter of fact, children love trying out holiday desserts and creating homemade gifts and decorations.
Halloween Hidden Secrets - Bullet Blues' blog

Recipes for popcorn bars at USA Love List will make any autumn party a hit and will make you forget about Halloween’s hidden secrets. Photo courtesy of USA Love List.

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