Happy May Day from Bullet Blues! Bonne Fête du Muguet!

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Happy May Day from Bullet Blues! Bonne Fête du Muguet!


Bullet Blues is wishing you a very Happy May Day or une Bonne Fête du Muguet.  May 1st is Lily of the Valley Day and it is a tradition in France to offer one’s loved ones a bouquet of lily of the valley, symbol of spring and of good luck, especially if you receive a sprig that has 13 bellflowers. The dainty blossom has an appearance and fragrance that match; both are clean, sweet and loved by all!


According to the legend,  Charles IX of France and Catherine de Medicis were travelling in the Rhône-Alps when he received on  May 1st, 1561,  a lily of the Valley as a lucky charm. The flower was offered by the knight Louis de Girard de Maisonforte from his own garden. The young King loved it so much that he decided to offer one, each year to the ladies of the court.  On May 1st, it has now become a tradition for the French to greet each other with a sprig or a small bouquet of muguet that is a symbol of spring and  good luck.



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Bonne Fête du Muguet ! Happy May Day from Bullet Blues!

Let’s not forget: May Day is also known as Labor Day or La Fête du Travail, a day off from work for everyone, with one major exception: florists. They are very lucky because on this day only they have the right to sell lily of the valley tax-free.


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The eight-hour working day was officially introduced in France on April 23, 1919, and May 1st became a public holiday called Fête internationale des Travailleurs (International Worker’s Day). The day is also known as Labor Day in other parts of the world.


Bullet Blues didn’t want to forget our friends and family in France by wishing them a fantastic May Day and Bonne Fête du Muguet! I
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