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Happy Thanksgiving from Bullet Blues!

Here at Bullet Blues, we’re firmly in Thanksgiving planning mode! In our hectic lives, it often feels as though we’re racing against the clock trying to fit important things into a 24-hour window. That’s why for American citizens, Thanksgiving is an ideal time to give something back and spend quality time with family.

Thanksgiving has been an American tradition and a national holiday since the days of the Civil War. But did you know that it was, in fact, the Native American Indians who originally celebrated the very first Thanksgiving celebration back in 1621? It’s a time for both family and friends to unite, relax, and enjoy some delicious home cooking. For many hard-working U.S. families, this year’s festivities cannot come soon enough.

Held on November 27th, you’ve still got time to plan your menu, your wardrobe and your home décor ahead of the big day this Thursday. If you cannot wait for Christmas, Thanksgiving is essentially a welcomed ‘taster’ holiday that shares similar themes to December 25th. From the hearty cuisine, to the traveling overseas to be with loved ones in America, now is the perfect reason to give thanks.

Thanksgiving Style - Bullet Blues

Image Courtesy of Vogue, October 2013 Issue.

At Bullet Blues, we love to support local American trades, whether it’s buying local produce at the grocery store, or sourcing our denim from U.S. based suppliers to bring you the trendiest fashion choices, we’re proud to say that we ‘do our bit’ for our country!

Turkey Feast at Thanksgiving - Bullet Blues

Thanksgiving brings people together from all walks of life, and it’s a warming holiday to get families feeling in the festive mood. From a turkey-laden table spread to feast on, to dressing in comfy clothing, to put on your favorite music, make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered. Eat, drink and be merry!

If you’re feeling charitable, you may also wish to donate some of your leftover canned goods to the homeless, who are sure to appreciate being able to join in the holiday season with a free Thanksgiving dinner. Many people choose to give back to charity at this time of year. By feeding the poor, this is one of the noblest acts to get involved in today’s American culture.

Thanksgiving - Bullet Blues


So in your all-American lifestyle, what are you most thankful for?

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