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How to help with Hurricane Florence flood donations

Hurricane Florence flood donations - Bullet Blues' blog

During times of tragedy, Mister Rogers’ reminded us to always look for the helpers. Hurricane Florence has made this quote more poignant.

How to help with Hurricane Florence flood donations

In his 2002 book, “Mister Rogers’ Parenting Book: Helping to Understand Your Young Child,” Fred Rogers tells us to look for the “helpers” within any tragedy.

“You will always find people who are helping,” he writes. “To this day, especially in times of ‘disaster” I remember my mother’s words and I’m always comforted by realizing there are still so many helpers-so many caring people in the world,” he continues.

Because of Hurricane Florence, Carolinians and the world look for the helpers. More to the point, some are called to BE these helpers. Hurricane Florence flood donations are coming in as financial support, volunteer acts of bravery and the collection of needed items.

And, some help has come from unlikely places.

Hurricane Florence flood donations - Bullet Blues' blog

A four-year-old from Chicago is working to change the name “Florence” back to a positive by collecting donations for those impacted by the hurricane. Photo courtesy of CNN.

Four-year-old Flo

Four-year-old, Chicago-resident Florence Wisniewski, “Flo,” asked her parents why her name was in the news. When her parents explained the situation and the loss of homes for those in flooded areas, Flo wanted to help.

Flo’s parents posted her wish on Facebook. Due to this little girl, donations are being collected for those people impacted by the hurricane. You can help with Hurricane Florence flood donations through Flo’s site. Watch Flo’s story at

Hurricane Florence flood donations - Bullet Blues american made jeans and apparel - blog

Volunteers with the Cajun Navy help with donated water in the Carolinas. Photo courtesy of

United Cajun Navy

A group of volunteers known as the Cajun Navy headed from Louisiana and Texas, bringing a fleet of jon boats, kayaks and more to the Carolinas once the seriousness of the storm took hold. The group put themselves into the worst area at the worst moments, New Bern, and helped stranded families and pets make it to shelters.

The United Cajun Navy was created during Hurricane Katrina and, consequently, has helped rescue thousands of people during the 2016 Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and, now, in the Carolinas. Read more about the United Cajun Navy in the September 2018 Washington Post article, “Cajun Navy races to the Carolinas; Citizen rescuers pull people from rising waters.”

Maybe your offer of help isn’t as dramatic as Flo or the Cajun Navy, but anyone can help the folks of the Carolinas rebuild their lives. Visit the Red Cross website. You will find suggestions for monetary and other donations needed. Everything from clothing to pet food donations are in desperate need.

Finally, buy American clothing as another way to help the Carolinas. Many textile workers in North and South Carolina need, more than ever, steady employment. Make sure you buy American-made clothing, like Bullet Blues. Consequently, you will support these families.

Follow Mister Roger’s example and be a helper.

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