Why Lookbooks are Ideal for Displaying Denim Trends Online

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Why Lookbooks are Ideal for Displaying Denim Trends Online

Here at Bullet Blues, we know just how competitive the fast-paced world of online retail can be, especially when it comes to denim focused brands. Since the 1950s, denim wear staples have been highly in demand, which is what every fashion retailer ultimately thrives from. It’s true that although the denim market is vast, it’s also a very niche market if as a customer you want to buy the highest quality grade.

Jeans, mini skirts, shirts, bags, and even sunglasses have now been given a new lease of life through a denim perspective. Here’s looking at you Ray-Ban! 😉 It’s safe to say that there will always be a strong following for denim, so long as trend-setters keep on wearing it.

Ray-Ban Denim Sunglasses - Bullet Blues

Image Courtesy of Ray-Ban.com

So let’s look into one of today’s most trusted methods of advertising that showcases the latest denim wear collections in their best light. Lookbooks have gradually become the number one preferred means to present a designer or retailer’s current collections, complete with pristine photography, appealing styling, and subtle product information.

At Bullet Blues, we have so many favorite denim brands, but we especially love the lookbook Levi’s have been working on for F/W 2014. Check out how their imagery appears to have a vintage vibe about it in the snapshot below…


There are also a wide variety of popular websites now dedicated entirely to ‘what I wore today’ and ‘look of the day’ themed posts from fashion bloggers located all over the world. For example, the likes of Chictopia.com and Lookbook.nu are certainly valuable platforms for bloggers with a penchant for street style to share their favorite denim trends with rest of the blogosphere, among other inspirations. We don’t even have to step outside the comfort of our own homes to view the finest denim money can buy – we can now be influenced to share, and share alike online.

street style denim - bullet blues

Image Courtesy of Lookbook.nu

Whether you’re more partial to surfing the net for ‘wish list’ finds, seeing what your favorite designers and brands are inventing next, or you’re just looking for some beautiful images to add to your own personal Pinterest boards, one thing is for sure, lookbooks are the way forward both from an innovator’s point of view, as well as from a loyal fashion fan’s perspective.

Ever since our humble beginnings, the Bullet Blues ethos has always encouraged men and women to enjoy fashion, be inspired, and to choose denim wear pieces they feel great wearing. We firmly appreciate the fact that branding and imagery needs to appeal to people’s tastes, which is why we’re constantly improving our selection of Bullet Blues denim products. On our homepage alone, you will notice that we use natural photography to present our unique designer jeans and other products to America, in addition to the rest of the world.

Bullet Blues Made in USA

If you would like some further insight into the Bullet Blues brand history, you can find plenty of information on our official website, as well as throughout our social media channels. If you see anything you like, whether it’s our Bullet Blues ‘Miami Chic’ white designer jeans, Bullet Blues ‘Chic Parisien’ black designer skinnies, or one of our many pairs of men’s denim jeans, please feel free to let us know which products are your favorites.

Bullet Blues Miami Chic White Denim Skinny Jeans

Bullet Blues Male and Female Denim

There is definitely an art to attracting the attention of a true fashionista, and lookbooks are just one of the many ways in which the fashion and retail industries reflect this. Accessibility is everything!

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