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Made in America gifts for Valentine’s Day: Buy for men, women and kids

Made in America gifts: Sweethearts Candy

You heard right, there will be no candy hearts saying, “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day. For more information, read this January, 2019, American Manufacturing article, “For the brokenhearted, Ohio manufacturer brings Sweethearts back in 2020.”

Rated the most popular Valentine’s Day candy, Necco, the candy maker in New England, shut its doors in July. Even with more than 19 million pounds of the heart candies selling annually, Necco filed bankruptcy. The Ohio-based Spangler Candy Company, however, has stepped up to the plate and purchased the Necco brand. Sadly, though, the hearts won’t be back in candy bowls until 2020.

In the meantime, Bullet Blues thought a simple list of American-made Valentine’s Day gifts was in order.

made in America gifts

Channel his inner rebel with a pair of American-made designer jeans by Bullet Blues.

Keeping the American-made commitment

Most people don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a made in America Valentine’s gift. Plus, most folks want to find a reasonably-priced gift for this holiday.

Bullet Blues is making things easy this year. We’ve collected six different American-made gifts perfect for men, women, kids and more.

In addition, save yourself a trip out in the cold. Purchase all items online and have them delivered by Feb. 14.

Valentine’s Day gifts For Men: Made in America

Hard to buy for? That’s usually an understatement when it comes to a husband, boyfriend, son or father.

You can, however, make his day by buying an American-made gift for this Valentine’s Day.

made in America gifts

Check out this gift set of patriotic socks from This North Carolina company sells only 100 percent, made in America socks and gives 5 percent of each sale to veterans in need.

Boldfoot Socks

Yes, it’s a bit unconventional for a Valentine’s Day gift. Boldfoot socks, however, based out of North Carolina, are 100-percent made in the U.S.A. In addition, five percent of each purchase goes to American veterans in need. Founder Brad Christmann started designing socks at nine years old.

For $41, you can have one pair of socks delivered to your man monthly for three months. Made in America, donation to veterans and socks; what more could a guy want?

Bullet Blues Jeans

Bullet Blues is committed to making quality, American-made designer jeans for men and women. Everything down to the denim is created within the United States. Not only will your Valentine appreciate the in-sourced clothing, but he will also gain a pair of durable, high-quality jeans to carry him through more than a season or two. Celebrate his inner-Cowboy with the Bullet Blues’ Sauvage-Relaxed fit, bootcut indigo designer jeans, made in U.S.A.

For more ideas on American-made Valentine’s Day gifts for men, head over to the USA Love List website.

made in America gifts

Entirely made in America, keep your feet toasty in these Northstar Trading Co. handmade sheepskin slippers.

Valentine’s Day gifts for Women: Made in the America

Abella Skincare

This Boca Raton-based skincare company was founded 19 years ago. Abella manufactures all its products in the United States. In addition, Abella is committed to cruelty-free ingredients. Furthermore, what woman doesn’t like a bit of pampering? Fill a basket with American-made face masks, lotions and more. You will be her hero.

Northstar Trading Co.

Keep her feet toasty this winter with a pair of sheepskin slippers made entirely in the United States. That’s right, these slipper don’t say, “Made in China.” Since 1979, Northstar has crafted slippers, leather goods and hats at their Whidbey Island, Washington shop.

made in America gifts by Bullet Blues

This heart-shaped box of chocolate comes with Malley’s made in America commitment, since 1935.


Spangler Candy Company

The Spangler Candy Company has manufactured candy in Ohio since 1906. If funds are low this February, however, take a look at the crafts and recipes on the Spangler website. Kids will love building a special candy monument to for a grandparent, friend or parent.

Malley’s Chocolates

Another Ohio-based company, Malley’s chocolates started creating milk and dark chocolate candies in 1935. Today, you can still order a traditional, heart-shape box full of different chocolates, all made in Cleveland. Malley’s homemade caramel, fudge and marshmallow recipes are celebrated across the country.

made in America gifts for Valentine's day - The Bullet Blues' list

Make it an American-made Valentine’s Day, buy products like Bullet Blues’ designer jeans for men and women, 100-percent, made in America.

Finally, whatever you decide for this holiday, make sure to make it an American-made holiday. Lose the consumer guilt and buy American-made products like Bullet Blues designer jeans and apparel. For more information on American-made jeans, read this previous Bullet Blues’ blog post, “American Made: Why should I buy American-made jeans?”


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