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Make your flare jeans modern: Simple tips for country or city style

Make your Flare Jeans Modern with Bullet Blues simple fashion tips

Dolly Parton wears her iconic country-classic combo by combining high-waisted, flared denim with country gingham in this vintage photo from Pinterest.

EVERYONE can wear flares, really.

Make your flare jeans modern with these ridiculously simple fashion tips. Flare pants like American made Bullet Blues “Modern Femme” can be country casual or city chic. It depends on your mood. Flare pants are still around and making a grand resurgence for 2018’s spring and summer seasons because of the versatility this style offers to women short or tall, curvy or thin.

High-waisted flares lengthen and slim curvy, petite frames. Dolly Parton wore her iconic bell bottoms for good reason. She knew high-waisted flares would give the illusion of height. Plus, the illusion took off a few pounds visually.

Dolly, essentially, lengthened and thinned her petite frame. And, any smart woman, from Pigeon Forge to Park Avenue, can use Dolly’s wisdom to work for her. Read more about Dolly’s brave fashion choices with this online Vogue article celebrating her iconic style.



 Make your Flare Jeans Modern with Bullet Blues denim tips - country or city style

Meghan Markle brings flares into 2018 with a perfectly tailored wide-bottom pant, hitting at the perfect length and combined with matching black pumps. Photo from Harper’s Bazaar, January, 2018.

Make your flare jeans modern with these ridiculously simple tips.

  1. Class your flares up, but make sure the fit is right. If you aren’t interested in flaunting your assets like Dolly, take your tips from some other style-savvy celebs.

Meghan Markle recently made the fashion grade “A,” by pairing her perfectly-tailored black flare pants with black pumps. There is no going wrong with tailored, dark flares and matching pumps. Make sure the flares are hemmed to fall just above the ground in heels. Even high-waisted flare jeans will look classy with a fitted blazer, colorful silk tank and dark blue or black heels.

Bullet Blues Fashion Tips - Make your Flare Jeans Modern

Reese Witherspoon takes a page from Dolly Parton’s fashion sense by adding a modern twist to flares. Photo from Pinterest.

2. Make your flare jeans country chic. A gingham button-down, with denim flares and wedge sandals is a great go-to for errands on warmer days. Reese Witherspoon nails a modern recreation of Dolly Parton’s vintage gingham and flare denim outfit. Follow Reese’s lead and make your flare jeans modern with a simple fitted top and great pair of wedges.

Bullet Blues Flare Leg Jeans Made in USA featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine - Make your Flare Jeans Modern

Booties and rolled-up flares give your spring wardrobe a fresh spin. Take a closer look at Bullet Blues Jeans Modern Femme, made in the U.S.A. Photo courtesy of Cowboy & Indians Magazine.

  1. If you dare, make your flare jeans a stand-out with a cropped, ankle hem. Don’t imagine you need Nicole Kidman’s height to make a cropped flare work. With the right two-inch wedges or heels, even shorter women will be able to pull off a casual ankle flare.

This one may involve some experimenting with shoes and pants. Skinny flares with an ankle-crop will look better on smaller, but taller figures. If you are curvier, make sure the color scheme stays in the same family and pick pants with an excellent fit for your body. For more information and examples, read this article from January’s Harper Bazaar on trendy, 2018 tips for wearing flares.

Whatever your body type, don’t toss away dreams of wearing high-waisted flare jeans just because you aren’t mistaken for Cher at the airport. Make your flare jeans modern by looking for ways to give this vintage style a fresh take. Today’s newer fabrics, comfortable heels and fitted tops make this look accessible even if you last wore bell bottoms in 1978. Look for your next pair of modern flares at Bullet Blues. Lose the consumer guilt and buy American-made jeans.


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