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Mother’s Day gift ideas: For the man who hasn’t a clue

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Bullet Blues "Jocelyne" top and "Sunday" flared-leg jeans made in USA

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: For the man who hasn’t a clue.

What do I buy her for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the man, who isn’t sure. Alright gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. Mother’s Day, May 13, is around the corner. While that macaroni necklace you made your mom was a hit 25 years ago, the women in your life have different expectations today. Mother’s Day gift ideas aren’t limited to dried pasta. Take a look at this web page full of 2018 gift ideas from

So, what do you buy the woman who is usually taking care of everyone else?

Here’s a little-known secret about women. They often deny themselves a splurge on the things they really want.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Bullet Blues' blog

No matter what you decide for a Mother’s Day gift, don’t forget the flowers. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Here’s how a Saturday grocery shop evolves in the life of a busy mom. She needs to get the groceries handled for the week, even though she’d love to take a nap. Mom has her list, or maybe she is one of those adept at keeping track in her head. Mom knows your youngest daughter needs deodorant, the oldest only drinks almond milk since she turned vegan last month. She has memorized the favorite coffee brand, cereal and toothpaste for, at least, three people other than herself.

She glances at the flowers. This is only on the odd occasion when she’s able to go to the grocery store alone. Usually, she has 1-2 children making pleas for items not on the list. For an idea of some inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas, take a look at this article, “Top 10 wishes for Mother’s Day: What moms really want.”

She catches a fleeting image of a pretty bouquet of spring flowers or roses. Mom considers it for a second or two, but the upcoming orthodontia bill comes to mind. She passes by the flowers, but makes sure  everyone else gets everything they need.

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Bullet Blues "Claudie" top and 'Maryse' skirt - Made in USA

A pretty spring/summer outfit goes a long way when you want to see mom smile. This Claudie Designer Top and Maryse Designer Skirt Set is flattering on any figure. Made in USA.

So, here’s a challenge for you. Begin thinking about what little things the women in your life pass by, but long to buy. Maybe it’s not flowers, but a simple pair of gold earrings, perfume or beautiful writing journal. Maybe it’s a pretty nightgown, or a new outfit. She’s made sure the kids have their summer clothes and shoes all set, but has pushed what she needs to the side.

  • -Gift certificate for a new outfit
  • -Pretty nightgown
  • -Solid gold hoop earrings
  • -Expensive perfume
  • -Basket of bubble bath, lotion, face masks and chocolate
  • -Someone else cleans the house, goes to the grocery and leaves her three hours to herself
Mother's Day gift ideas - Bullet Blues jeans and apparel made in the USA

Look to Bullet Blues to find the hardworking woman in your life a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

For this Mother’s Day, find the thing she secretly wants, but won’t indulge. And, don’t forget the flowers.

And, like always, lose the consumer guilt and buy only American-made items like those found at Bullet Blues.

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