Purple Denim in Winter with Bullet Blues Eggplant Skinny Jeans

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Purple Denim in Winter with Bullet Blues Eggplant Skinny Jeans Made in USA

Love wearing purple denim in Winter? Here is how you can rock it in a season where brights seem to disappear a little with Bullet Blues.

Wearing Bullet Blues purple denim in Winter can definitely be done if you follow these tips.

Our first tip on how to wear purple denim in Winter is to keep all other pieces neutral. A good option is black because the pop of color in our American made jeans is simply enough. Just because we say keep it neutral doesn’t mean you need to shy away from a print. A loose-fitting, black and white plaid top with black boots would be perfect for the chilly weather.

One specific piece to rock with our Lady Slim jeans is a sweater. We feel that any weather friendly bottoms will work if paired with a nice sweater. Oversized is very trendy right now and will match the comfi-ness of our American made denim. A neutral cable knit sweater would be the perfect option here. The look below is 100% on trend right now. Keep our stretchy colored denim paired with ankle boots, too. It is Winter, after all! Believe it or not, a nice tan bootie will go really well with this eggplant color. It’s a nice contrast and very fashion forward. 

purple denim in winter - Get the look with Bullet Blues jeans made in USA

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Another tip to wear purple denim in winter is to not match your makeup to the jeans. This can look a little junior and we want you to look super chic in our comfortable denim. A nude lip is very trendy right now and always works. A red lip is a pretty choice. A red lip can always stand alone or with anything.

Let us know how you would wear your American made purple denim in Winter.


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