Read before you BUY Bullet Blues' Jeans made in USA

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Read before you BUY Bullet Blues’ jeans.

It’s time to get honest about Bullet Blues’ jeans and the way they fit, why they’re simple, and what they cost. This is important, keep reading.

If you care about how your jeans fit, you must read this. Even though most of the Bullet Blues’ jeans need some wear to break them in, our American made jeans will fit you like a glove. Our Babe jeans are a great example of this. They will eventually fit perfectly because they only have a little bit of stretch but they will not sag in places you never want sagging! Our purple Lady Slim skinny jeans are a favorite fit among customers. Out of all the Bullet Blues’ jeans, these are the tightest but super fun and flattering.

Bullet Blues “Lady Slim’ Purple Skinny Jeans Made in USA

Another thing you need to know is that the best fitting American made denim does come with a price tag. We told you it was important to read before purchasing! You wanted the truth and the truth is that nice jeans cost money. Think of denim as an investment. Jeans that last are worth every cent and that is obvious if you look at social media influencers turned designers. They are creating denim lines with an even higher price point than Bullet Blues and customers are buying and they’ll continue to buy. Why? Yes, the name attached to it, but also quality. Quality denim will always be a trend. You buy our “Modern Femme” jeans, you will never need to buy another pair of flared jeans. And you will own one of the last pair that was made in the Cone, NC plant.

Bullet Blues "Modern Femme" jeans
Bullet Blues “Modern Femme” Flared-Leg Jeans Made in USA

These are the best jeans I’ve ever worn. Love them.

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Let’s talk more about Bullet Blues’ jeans being classic. We do not have embellishments. Our American made denim does not have rips. We do not offer any super low rise denim. If you are looking for all that, you should look elsewhere or keep reading. We want your denim from us to last and grow with you. This is very true for our men customers as well. Men want jeans they can work in, go out in, and hang out at home in. Nothing super tight and no bells and whistles! Our Uptown denim is a must buy for all men.

Bullet Blues “Uptown” Tapered-Leg Jeans in Indigo – Made in USA

Check out our blog post on choosing the best fitting mens jeans from Bullet Blues.

Thanks for reading before buying our denim. Now click here to enjoy free shipping and amazing denim.

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