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Remember Armistice with Veteran’s Day!

Ever since the Bullet Blues journey began, our brand has always celebrated America’s historic nation – in particular, the country’s brave soldiers who died in Europe during World War II. With veteran’s day taking place today, we’d like to personally show our appreciation and respect to all of the American heroes who fought, and still continue to sacrifice so much as a duty to their country.

Veteran’s day is held on November 11th each year, and it’s a day where we can give these men something back… our deepest thanks. Largely intended to thank veterans who are still with us, it’s safe to say that their loyal service will always be remembered. Without these veterans, America certainly wouldn’t be where it stands today. We also wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedom that we know and love if it wasn’t for these men standing up to fight, making their mark. World War II’s events saw some of the most heroic battles to ever take place, which is why our soldiers deserve to be honored to this day.

November 11th remains as a special holiday for American citizens everywhere, so if you’re as proud and patriotic as we are here at Bullet Blues, you’ll have lots to celebrate. Exceptional gratitude goes out to all of those families who had, or still have a veteran as a relative.

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Having visited the American cemetery and memorial in Normandy, France back in 2010, we are a denim brand with a story to tell, and have a personal connection to the idea of veterans fighting to save our freedom. Through the ‘Bullet Blues’ name, not only do these brave men live on, but this is the sole reason why all of our designer denim products are custom-made right here in the USA. We believe that veterans past and present should be honored in a way that is modern… it just so happens that fashion is our forte. Our loyal American customers love to wear blue denim in particular, which is why at Bullet Blues we are proud to say that we continue to serve and remember soldiers in all of their glory.

The “Made in the USA” movement is a movement that every American citizen can fully relate to, whether it’s supporting local businesses, remembering the great soldiers who have fought so hard to protect their nation, or showing appreciation in a different patriotic manner.

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Remember when President Barack Obama awarded a medal of honor to 23-year-old Sgt. Dakota Meyer, the marine who saved the lives of 36 men in Afghanistan? This is just one example of how one brave man has made all the difference to our world. More details on this extraordinary award can be read here.

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We are offering an exclusive promotion in salutation of veteran’s day until Sunday November 16th. Please use the code: VETERANS20 to receive 20% off our complete collection of designer jeans, in addition to free shipping on all orders. So from all of us here at Bullet Blues, we’d like to wish everybody a happy veteran’s day!

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