Sheila Marshall, Bullet Blues and made in USA

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Sheila Marshall, Bullet Blues and made in USA

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We’re so excited to have Sheila Marshall as the Bullet Blues Girl. She is the “total package” as they say. She’s talented, beautiful, and she’s a patriot.

Her vocal and songwriting talents are impressive–she’s been singing since she was about six years old. She’s passionate about singing, whether she’s performing one of her own songs, like “How Long” or  a bluesy rendition of the Randy Weeks song, “Can’t Let Go”. Her influences include Patsy Cline, Led Zeppelin, Sheryl Crow, and Lucinda Williams and they’re all reflected in her unique style.


Another reason Sheila is such a perfect match for Bullet Blues’ made in USA apparel–she’s a true patriot. She’s entertained the US troops in Kuwait and Iraq. She’s travelled around the world, but her performance in front of our troops shows a little bit about her character. We’re proud to have a patriot like Sheila representing us!

You’ve seen her in our ads and pictures, and she really rocks our Bullet Blues jeans and tops. She’s a true beauty, and is the perfect model for our American-made apparel.


An accomplished country-rock artist, She’s worked with Willie Nelson, Rodney Crowell, and Matchbook 20 guitarist Kyle Cook, just to name a few. Her roots-y voice took her all the way to the TV show “Nashville Star” where she was a contestant. About her experience on the show, she said, “It was a blast but it was also stressful. I loved performing on stage with such a talented band and thousands of people watching it was a great feeling.”

Get to know a little more about Sheila and her touring schedule at her site,

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