Simple New Year’s resolutions start momentum for 2019 from Bullet Blues

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Three simple New Year’s resolutions start momentum for 2019 from Bullet Blues

simple new year's resolutions by Bullet Blues

What are your 2019 goals? Keep it simple and watch them become reality. Keep reading for three simple new year’s resolutions…

Simple New Year’s resolutions

As 2019 is about to start, here are some simple New Year’s resolutions to build momentum. As cliché as it sounds, most people can’t resist imagining a newer, better version of themselves starting Jan. 1.

As a result in this new version of yourself, bad habits disappear. Plus, pounds melt and money pours into your bank account.

But sadly, many resolutions tank. Expectations are set too high. After that, by February, unrealistic pressures have put your high hopes for the new year on a shelf.

This year, however, is different. Bullet Blues has three simple resolutions to start in January. Take a look at 2018’s Bullet Blues’ timeless, American made high-waisted jeans’ style tips. Classic style is always on target, no matter the year.

Positive change motivates you for the next positive change. You build on the success of each.

Tackle these resolutions for January, and you will be well on your way to set three more resolutions for February.

simple new year's resolutions by Bullet Blues

Try Reese Witherspoon’s wavy bob for 2019. A good haircut always builds confidence. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Simple New Year’s resolutions: The haircut and massage

  1. Firstly, get a good haircut and a massage. If a major hair change feels too drastic, consider some small change. Try some highlights. Take a few inches off for a fresh look. Add a few layers. Nothing beats a good haircut to give your self-confidence a quick boost. Plus, throw in a massage. This way, you are making a declaration for self-care in the new year. You will let go of the old year and feel relaxed heading into the new. Take a look at Pinterest’s top ten 2019 beauty predictions, courtesy of

Yet, too often, rewards aren’t built into resolutions. Or, the rewards are put off until five pounds is lost, or some other goal achieved. Instead, this year, give yourself a motivating foundation. Feel better about the imperfect you. Success breeds success. In addition, the good feelings from your first step into self-improvement gives you the motivation to tackle the next step.

But for a more drastic change, look at Lady Gaga’s lavender hair color, courtesy of

simple new year's resolutions by Bullet Blues

Maybe this is the year you try horseback riding for exercise. The sky is the limit for 2019. Shop American-made clothing by Bullet Blues

Simple New Year’s resolutions: Exercise

  1. Secondly, exercise for 5-10 minutes. Take out your January calendar. Mark six times to exercise for 5-10 minutes sometime between Jan. 1 and Jan. 15. This step is designed for folks who haven’t included exercise in their normal routine. This small step forward will build momentum. For instance, by the sixth time, you will exercise more than 10 minutes, because it feels good.

And according to WebMD, even 5-10 minutes of activity is good for your health. Read WebMd’s “Beginner’s Guide to Exercise.”

If even five minutes of stretching, yoga, or the treadmill seems daunting, text a friend for support. Tell your friend you are headed to the gym. Or, tell your friend, you are spending the next five minutes stretching on your living room floor. Keep it simple. When you are finished, text your friend and let them know you completed the task.

If, however, exercise is part of your normal routine. Switch it up. What’s an exercise you want to try this year? Join a hiking club? Horseback riding? Try paddle boarding? Maybe join a climbing gym or kickboxing?

simple new year's resolutions by Bullet Blues

Whatever your goal for 2019, add a timeless outfit to your closet. This Bullet Blues Cecile Long Sleeve Dress – Made in USA – will never go out of style.

Simple New Year’s resolutions: Buy a new outfit

  1. Thirdly, and most importantly,  buy a new outfit. This is the year to buy ethically. For instance, you’ve said for years you want to buy only American-made clothing from ethical companies, like Bullet Blues. Therefore now is the time to follow through on this vision. You will feel so much better about how you spend your money. Moreover, use your money to support American workers and American companies.

And consider trend-defying clothing. However, act thoughtfully about these purchases. What clothing staples are you missing in your closet? Don’t wait until you are the size you dream of achieving. Instead, buy well-crafted, good-fitting clothing made in the U.S.A. Above all, the idea is to feel good about what you are wearing. Like the haircut and massage, this outfit will help you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you will feel more inclined to add to that momentum.

In conclusion, whatever goals you decide for the New Year, make sure buying American is at the top of the list. Similarly, drop the consumer guilt, buy American and support American workers. Stick with companies like Bullet Blues, dedicated to products made in the U.S.A.

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