Simple suggestions to keep your ‘Buy American’ commitment this new year

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Simple suggestions to keep your ‘Buy American’ commitment this new year

Bullet Blues helps you keep your ‘Buy American’ commitment

Bullet Blues knows you are committed to buying American. In addition, we know how hard it is for today’s families to follow through on this commitment.

Busy lives and easily-available, foreign-made products influence American shoppers.

In this new year, however, Bullet Blues is taking the time to point out simple ways to maintain your “Buy American” commitment.

We offer simple suggestions for staying the course. For starters, we focus on items families buy more frequently: Groceries.

Plus, you already know to buy your American-made jeans and designer apparel from Bullet Blues.

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Bullet Blues was recognized last summer in Washington D.C. for their dedication to American made jeans.

Where’s the ‘Buy American’ disconnect?

A 2015 Consumer Reports’ study found that 80 percent of Americans prefer buying products made within the United States.

If so, why are most products made outside our country? Obviously, cost alone doesn’t make up the difference.

In addition, the same Consumer Reports’ study found more than 60 percent of Americans were willing to pay 10 percent more for Made in America products. Read more in our recent Bullet Blues’ blog post: “Why should I buy American made jeans?”

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Buy American products at your local farmer’s market – Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Buying American connects you to your community. Send your dollars to local farmers and buy local produce at farmer’s markets and farming coops.


Buying American-made groceries seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong.

Pay attention the next time you are in the produce section of your local grocery store.

You will find bananas sourced from Costa Rica or Equador. In addition, fish is sourced from Thailand or Indonesia.

Farmer’s Market: This is a simple fix. Head to the local Farmer’s Market. Not only will you support American workers, you support the local families and farmers around your home. Just remember to bring your own bags.

Make your Saturday trip to the farmer’s market a treat for the family. Firstly, pick up some to-go coffee and take your time. Leisurely walk through the market and make time to see what your community offers.

Most folks are surprised at the amount of grocery shopping they can achieve at a farmer’s market.

What can you buy at the Farmer’s Market?

  • Veggies: Buy fresh, in-season veggies at farmer’s markets.
  • Soaps/Lotions: Many local craftspeople bring their wares to the weekly markets. For example, look for organic, scented soaps, scented soy candles and skincare products made locally.
  • Baked goods: Save your dollars for the freshest breads, cookies and pies.

Big city markets, like Milwaukee, Cleveland and Florida’s Winter Gardens, are known for their gourmet and one-of-a-kind products.

Suggestion: Take advantage of the season. Some farms even offer recipes to customers.

Buy American - Bullet Blues' blog - Why you should shop American made

Local farms often offer tours and workshops, in addition to locally grown food and livestock. Picture courtesy of Pinterest.


Farmer’s Cooperative: Join a local farmer’s coop. Instead of a farmer’s market, reserve Saturdays for staying in bed, and Buy American local produce without heading outside. Many local farmer’s coops have online ordering and delivery. The better coops offer glimpses into local farms, and give you an idea of where your meat, dairy and produce start.

All it takes is a quick Google with your locality and “Local farmer coops.” What’s to lose?

Suggestion: Keep a standing order of the basics you need weekly. Therefore, you will save yourself the time of re-ordering items bought frequently. For example, find a local cooperative by clicking: here.

Local Butchers and Dairy: More and more, smaller farms are inviting customers to Buy American direct. You can avoid the preservatives, packaging and transport of your meat and dairy. Some farms even offer tours and educational workshops. Therefore, for families committed to buying American and supporting local farmers, small farms are a good solution. For folks with a freezer, these farms are even more economical.

Fill the freezer with meat and avoid trips back-and-forth. Lessen your weekly intake of meat and dairy and help the planet, according to this recent National Geographic article.

Suggestion: Look for certified organic farmers offering grass-fed, free-range, humanely-treated livestock.

Buy American - Bullet Blues jeans are 100% made in the USA - Featured is our Bullet Blues "Bombshell Bleu de Minuit" boot cut jeans l

Throw on your Bullet Blues’ Bombshell jeans and head out into your community to buy American.

To sum up, follow Bullet Blues’ ‘Buy American’ suggestions and save time, while enriching your life. Above all, support your own community and use your money to support families you know. Furthermore, throw on your American-made pair of Bullet Blues’ jeans and head out into your community. Finally, put your dollars in local, American hands. Lose the consumer guilt and buy American.

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