Spring 2018 Color Trends with Purple, Lilac, Violet

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Spring 2018 color trends: Add a passion for purple

colors for spring 2018 - Fashion tips from Bullet Blues

Most girls have fond memories of a pretty spring purple dress with bows. The passion for purple has returned for Spring 2018. Read on for Spring 2018 color trends –  Photo courtesy of Smockingbird.

Spring 2018 color trends are taking us down memory lane. Remember those sweet, lilac spring dresses your mother put on you this time of year? Well, there’s good news for those of us with these fond memories of purple-hued dresses, white tights and shiny Mary Jane shoes. A grown-up lilac and her sisters, sexy violet, lavender and eggplant, have happily made a return for Spring 2018. For more about Spring 2018 color trends, read this Harper’s Bazaar March, 2018 article, “Lilac is Back, but don’t be afraid: How to wear it now.”

Spring 2018 color trends: How to wear grown-up purple

  1. If you are fair-skinned, don’t put lilac near your face. Instead, opt for lilac pants or a skirt. Lilac tends to wash out fairer skins. So, fairer skins should lean towards darker lilac tones like eggplant and violet. Olive and darker skins, however, make a striking contrast to the lighter pastel shades.
Spring 2018 color trends - Bullet Blues 'Lady Slim' skinny jeans made in USA

Fair-skinned women should avoid pastel purples near the face, because of the tendency to look washed-out. Instead, wear your purples on the bottom, like these Bullet Blues Lady Slim – High-Waisted Eggplant Skinny Jeans Made in USA.

  1. Mix your lilac and other purple hues with denim. By adding a pair of skinnies or a denim jack to your lilac top, you add some sophistication to a hue too-often associated with bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Play on the patent leather memories of your childhood and pair your lilac spring coat, dress, or top with shiny black pumps or loafers. Heck, go traditional and get yourself a pair of grown up Mary Janes. There not just for first-graders anymore.
Spring 2018 color trends - Marc Jacob Mary Jane Pump in black

For a self-care splurge, look at these Marc Jacobs’ grown-up Mary Janes to compliment your purple Spring/Summer 2018 wardrobe. Photo courtesy of Zappo.com.

  1. If lilac clothing seems a little too much, add lilac accessories. A beautiful lilac ring, necklace, or bracelet says “Spring” with little effort. Take a look at this “Lavender Jade Ring” offered by Sundance.
Spring 2018 color trends - Bullet Blues fashion tips - Lavender ring

Not everyone is a fan of lilac outfits. But, a few well-placed purple-hued accessories, however, like this “Lavendar Jade Ring” from Sundance, add a touch of spring/summer to any outfit. Photo courtesy of Sundance Catalog.

Purple is fun

The nice thing about lilac is the “fun” factor. Every piece of your wardrobe, however, doesn’t need to be practical. Look at a small injection of lilac or other purple hue as a way of adding some “pop” to your springtime/summer outfits. A purple ring, pair of earrings or lavender scarf will do the trick. So, that lilac A-line skirt you pick up on a whim might be just the thing to wear on a day when the lilacs are actually blooming, and you need to brush away the memory of winter.



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